My host family has a younger boy, somewhere in the 6-8 years age range. He doesn’t speak any English, so his communication with me is in hand signs or translated via family members. He is, however, a fan of Minecraft – I’m not sure why I’m surprised at all, what with the game originating much closer to here than my home.
He invited me to play a game with him. Single player, as the computer I brought is my tablet, which could probably run the game at around 7 FPS, and which doesn’t have Java installed anyways.
He made a new world – superflat/default settings, creative, and then proceeded to build a house. A fairly simple one – roughly 15 by 15 with one quarter cut out, making an L shape, constructed of wood planks and glass panes. Floor left as dirt. He made a little gravel path leading to a gravel road that he built, a t-junction. Then (after messing around with a bit of TNT off to the side) he handed the controls over to me.
Having spent his construction time thinking about what I would build if/when he gave me a turn, I was prepared. I’d been considering a bit of a ‘desert palace’ theme, but discarded it – it didn’t match with the theme of an endless level plain of grass. Next thought had been some sort of modernist cantilevered nonsense structure, but I thought that it’d be either too busy or too boring. So I decided to do a (by my standards) fairly simple home.
The result was an imitation-Tudor structure, with a large open first floor, and a second story room tucked beneath a leaked roof. On the front of the upper floor was a small window box – grass blocks, flowers, with a wooden half-step base and trapdoors for the sides.

Moral of the story?
Uhhh, videogames are international? I dunno, I just had some fun playing a game.

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