iOS 9 and Search

So, I’ve been using the iOS 9 beta for a couple weeks now. (I think? Don’t cite me on dates, I don’t keep track of time very well.)

Other than the app switcher, which I have a whole host of problems with, the biggest bit of weirdness is probably the Search from LaunchPad.1

Because the pull-down-to-search thing is still there. It’s got ‘app suggestions from Siri’ when you first open the menu, which… okay, whatever. And the search functionality itself has improved quite a bit.


That menu off to the left side, with all the suggestions? Super helpful! And… it also has a search bar? The icon for that page is even the little magnifying glass that makes everyone think of search. And using the search bar in there produces… the exact same results.

That just seems like a waste of space to me. Maybe swap it out for direct Siri integration, for those times when you don’t want to be That Guy talking into your phone, but still want to make Siri do some gruntwork for you?

Just a thought.

  1. In case you’re going ‘what is that,’ it’s the Computer Nerd name for the home screen with all the apps. 

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