Curriculum Vitae

Grey Patterson – grey at twoeighty dot net – Wilsonville, Oregon


For more details on my education, you can see the exhaustive list of courses I’ve taken.

University of California, Irvine

Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design. September 2019-September 2020.

Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

BS Computer Science, BA Music (composition), minor in mathematics. Summa cum laude. August 2014-June 2018.

Tualatin High School, Tualatin, OR

International Baccalaureate Diploma, September 2010-June 2014.

Photograph of the rainbow arches in the center of Apple Park

Work Experience


iOS/macOS/visionOS Software Engineer, 2021-current


Lead Software Engineer, 2021

  • iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS development in Swift and SwiftUI.
  • Lead development on enterprise web applications, mass-market media services, and consumer mobile applications.
  • Onboarding and training junior engineers.

Software Engineer, 2019-2021

  • Full-stack development: Angular, Bootstrap, TypeScript frontend, ASP.Net Core, C# backend.
  • Developed UI libraries, continuous integration pipelines, and automated testing suites.

Project Jupyter

Design Intern, 2020

  • Designed a new UI for JupyterLab’s file system.
  • Cooperated with developers to implement the new file system UI design.

Louisiana State University Center for Computation and Technology

National Science Foundation Undergraduate Researcher, 2016.

  • Explored the use of neural networks and machine learning in general for musicological research
  • Assisted in testing of a new compute cluster at the Center for Computation and Technology
  • Seconded to a group developing digital interfaces to supplement or replace traditional poster presentations; developed a web-based poster experience as the companion to a paper poster
  • Awarded ‘top poster presentation’ at the Summer Undergraduate Research Forum

International Day of Peace, United Nations Vienna

(Volunteer) Social Media Coordinator, 2016

  • Coordinated social media efforts for an anti-proliferation event on the International Day of Peace.
  • Assisted in set-up and operation of the event.

Linfield College

Music Technology Laboratory and Recording Technician, 2014-2018

  • Facilitated the construction of a new music technology laboratory on campus.
  • Produced recordings of music events for the campus archives.
  • Set up and operated sound equipment during concerts.
  • Worked with both professional and student performers in a variety of genres.

Interactive Media Developer, 2017-2018

  • Developed an interactive multimedia website as a companion to a memoir.
  • Worked with WordPress to develop a website in the style of “Snow Fall”.

Castleman Quartet Program

Administrative Intern and Facility Coordinator, 2017

  • Coordinated schedules for facility use.
  • Provided technological support and live-streaming of concerts.
  • Assisted students and faculty in interacting with college staff.



Privacy-first approach to water tracking, built on HealthKit, UIKit, and custom drawing with Core Graphics and Core Animation.


Minimalist meditation timer; HealthKit, UIKit, and Core Animation.

Variation on the Theme of Life

Algorithmic music based on Conway’s Game of Life. Built using AudioKit.

Teaching Experience

Professor Daniel Ford, Linfield College

Teacher’s Aide, 2015-2018

  • Collaborated on exam development
  • Graded student submissions
  • Led group workshop sessions for students

Learning Support Services, Linfield College

Tutor, 2015-2018

  • Provided group tutoring sessions for 100- and 200-level music courses.
  • Provided individual tutoring sessions for 100- and 200-level computer science courses.

Tigard-Tualatin Aquatic District

Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard, and Shift Supervisor, 2013-2019.

Oregon Association of Student Councils

Summer leadership camp counselor, 2017.

Other Experience

Linfield College Choirs

2017-2018: President, responsible for coordinating all choir board activities and representing the choir at concerts and other public events.
2017-2018: Section leader, in charge of running sectionals and ensuring students were prepared for rehearsals.
2015-2016: Treasurer, responsible for ensuring students had paid fees for the choir tour, as well as miscellaneous other duties.

International Collegiate Programming Contest

2017: 20th in Pacific Northwest Division II, 3rd in Site (as “Linfield Purple”)
2015: 9th in Pacific Northwest Division II, 3rd in Site (as “cout<<TeamName”)

Linfield International Programs

2016: I took part in a German-language immersion program in Vienna, Austria, where I was placed with a host family in the 20th District of the city. Classes were held at the Austro-American Institute of Education in the 1st District, and at the University of Vienna’s Sprachenzentrüm.

Rotary International

2013: Took part in a short-term exchange program: my family hosted a Danish student, and at the end of his stay, he and I travelled to Denmark together and his family hosted me.


“Neural Audio: Music Information Retrieval Using Deep Neural Networks”

2016: presented at Louisiana State University’s Summer Undergraduate Research Forum.
2017: presented at Linfield College’s Student Symposium.

Skills and Interests

Languages: Swift, TypeScript, HTML/CSS

Technical Skills: Git, Bash/Zsh, Sketch, Photoshop, Logic Pro, Numbers/Pages/Keynote

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