Somehow I’m already writing another blog post, which feels a bit excessive, but everything happens so much. And hey, I’m a Professional Blogger at the moment, so why not?1
Anyhow, today was a trip up to a nearby park, about half an hour’s drive away,2 because if we’ve got nice weather, may as well take advantage of it, right?
And once again, I remembered my camera. Have a look at the pictures I liked:3

I’m going to start at the end of the park, with the waterfall:
There was a little picnic space there, which provided some nice photo opportunities:
(And some less-planned ones:)
And the obligatory group picture:
I’m blinking, but then, I’m blinking in something like 80% of all pictures taken of me. Probably because I have a habit of walking around with my eyes closed.
Now, my personal favorites:4 an exploration of the park and the path we took through it.
It was a really cool park, built along a canyon (as I mentioned before, because I’m still not above shameless self-promotion) in a casual display of man’s might over nature, or something.5 Anyhow, the whole way along this path, you can look down and see the river flowing below:
(I really liked that picture, enough that it’s titled ‘Untouched’ – I didn’t have to do a single thing with it in Lightroom, whereas the rest of these get, at very least, a tweak to the white balance.)
There were some truly spectacular shades of blue throughout, and a lot of the path had the feel of being in a hidden grotto, which was really cool.
One last picture, in case you doubted my description of the path as “a casual display of man’s might over nature:”

  1. No, seriously- the school is paying me to blog my experience over here. The posts here I don’t get paid for, but I’m allowed to post my own stuff here and link to it from the site I’m Officially to, so I’m just gonna wave my hand at the logic a bit and continue calling myself a Professional Blogger. 
  2. Through more of the crazy-impressive tunnels that are apparently all over the place here; one of them was like four kilometers long. They were just like “we could have a mountain pass, but instead we’ll just go through the ENTIRE MOUNTAIN.”
    I’m forced to assume that the ‘holding your breath in tunnels’ thing is just… not a thing here. 
  3. Fun fact: you’re seeing 9 pictures here, counting the Featured Image above. I took just shy of 300 photos. I spend a lot of time pruning through all the photos I take, and I’ve got a lot of external storage space available for all this. 
  4. In case y’all haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a big fan of pictures of nature and inanimate objects in general. 
  5. I spent the drive back listening to a podcast talking about why Big Buildings Are Cool, and “a casual display of man’s might over nature” was the core argument throughout. 

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