“Vienna,” or, “heading home”

After an evening wandering around Venice, we hopped aboard our night train for Vienna.1 Once we got to the city, we had a free afternoon, so what did we do?

We went to the aquarium, of course!2

The birds are still brightly colored, even in winter.

And the monkeys were much more active than last time.

And, of course, a picture of the Rathaus. The Christmas market was shut down, and the ice skating place was closed, but it’s still a beautiful building. My favorite on the Ring, in fact, so I’m glad it was the last Big Thing I saw before I left.
This post is rather short by the standards of my travel posts, but it’s the end of the whole thing. I’m typing this up on a plane back to the States, and while it’s sad to be leaving I’m also quite looking forward to being home.
I’ve been really enjoying taking these photos and writing these posts. A quick check puts the total word count for this whole semester at just shy of 30,000 words – basically a novella.3 If you’ve missed any, or you just want to go back through them, they’re all neatly organized here for your reading pleasure.
And that’s it for my notes. One last thing to add:
Bye, Vienna. It’s been fun.

  1. It was supposed to be a 9 hour train ride; it wound up being 15 hours. Thanks, ÖBB. 
  2. Specifically, Haus des Meeres. It’s wonderful, and if you’re ever in Vienna I highly recommend it. 
  3. If you include stuff I typed up for classes, the total jumps to 100,000 words, solidly in the ‘novel’ category. And I’ve no idea how much I’ve got hand-written in my notebook, it’s definitely not worth the effort to check. 

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