Playlist of the Month: March 2015

We aren’t done yet, folks! You might be able to tell by the way that I haven’t caught up to what month we’re in at the moment. Without further ado, here’s the list:
Parachute – Bryan Rice. I once described this song as ‘so stereotypically pop-y that I want to punch someone in the face.’1 While it’s still generally true, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Let Me Love – ARCHIS. A friend sent this one to me with the request that I play it at the next meeting of the campus LGBTQ group. It went over pretty well.
Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars) – Taylor Swift. It’s back!
Running Up That Hill – Track & Field. Fun fact, I have the sheet music to this somewhere. It’s not exactly accurate to the original, it’s missing some of the harmonies.
Cemeteries of London – Coldplay. Another perennial favorite.
Sheets – Damien Jurado. This may or may not be the only Damien Jurado song I’ve got. I’ve been yelled at about that before.
A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay. I really like the album cover to Ghost Stories.
Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone. This is a pretty distinctive album cover, too.
Fast Car – Tracy Chapman. I’m less of a fan of this album cover.
Your Hand In Mine – Explosions In The Sky. I think it’s the other version of the song this time.
Night of the Hunter – 30 Seconds to Mars. We’re still in repeats.
Atlas – Coldplay. I like Atlas a lot better than their other recent movie-exclusive song, whose name I honestly can’t even remember.
Up in Flames – Coldplay. Milo Xyloto is a good album, you guys.
Viva La Vida – Coldplay. But Viva La Vida was a better one, I think. A classic.
It Takes A Lot To Know A Man – Damien Rice. Sorry, dear, you haven’t quite gotten to the ‘Panic! At The Disco’ level of long song titles.
Mutatis – Blueneck. It’s great, okay? I think the word I’d use is ‘desolate.’
2013 – Daniel Kim. Technically it’s called “Pop Danthology 2013” but I have them as an album named “Pop Danthology” so it all works out alright.
2014 – Daniel Kim. I’m excited for 2015, okay?
Always In My Head (Live At the Royal Albert Hall, London) – Coldplay. The ‘live’ stuff petered out pretty quickly.
Hero – Darren Hayes. I got more annoyed with the heteronormativity in his music videos2 when I found out that he’s married to a dude.
Thunderstruck – 2CELLOS. It’s honestly been a while since I listened to any 2CELLOS.
Mombasa – 2CELLOS. I think I overplayed it a bit.
Hold My Hand – The Fray. Good for singing along to.
Shadow and a Dancer – The Fray. I’m actually about to put this one back in my current playlist, I’d forgotten how good it is.
Grizzly Bear – Angus & Julia Stone. I have a lot of A&JS remixes but not much of their actual original stuff. Weird.
Paloma – Carbon Leaf. ‘Rollicking fun,’ I might say.
Fun – Troye Sivan. I swear I have the rest of this EP somewhere.
Arcadia – The Kite String Tangle. Actually, now that I think about it, it wasn’t on a radio station that my sister heard this song and got mad about it getting popular, it was on Connor Franta’s playlist-album-thing.
Same As You – The Fray. Also just went back into my current playlist.
Final Masquerade – LINKIN PARK. I might have more of this album, but you can’t tell from these playlists.
Wake Me Up – 2CELLOS. I might have the actual Avicii version of this song somewhere, but I don’t listen to it.
Immortal – Marina and The Diamonds. I just really love her voice, okay?
Weeds – Marina and The Diamonds. I can’t remember what this song is about. Did I know in the first place?
Forget – Marina and The Diamonds. I really can’t remember this one.
Take Me to Church – Hozier. Though the heteronormativity3 is annoying, it’s still great for singing along to.
Shots – Imagine Dragons. I keep reading this title and my brain goes “Shots! Shots! Shots!” And I’m like, no, brain, this isn’t that song.
Savages – Marina and The Diamonds. Possibly my favorite off of Froot.
Smoke And Mirrors – Imagine Dragons. This one is still in my playlist of the month.
Die Young In The Cave (Bootie Edit) – DJ MikeA. I honestly have no idea what the album cover is supposed to be, but it’s wonderful.
Never Too Late – Bryan Rice. I keep thinking of the Three Days Grace song…
Can’t Pin Me Down – Marina and The Diamonds. … Which one is this? Oh lord, I shouldn’t be trying to write these lists up without at least listening to them once.4
Bomb Shelter – Bryan Rice. I’m gonna be honest, the album cover kinda makes this look like he’s an LGBT icon, rather than, like, the number one pop star in Denmark or whatever.
Stay Awake (feat. Bryan Rice)[Radio Edit] – Bryan Rice & Guéna LG. I have no idea who Guéna LG is.
These Arms – Bryan Rice. I have a sudden desire to google ‘Bryan Rice arms’ but I feel like that wouldn’t end well.
I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons. Oh man, I miss this song.
Cough Syrup – Young the Giant. I had no idea this was by Young the Giant. Huh.
Friction – Imagine Dragons. A little bit more ‘hard rock’ than the rest of the album, I think.
Froot – Marina and The Diamonds. It’s the titular song! And I only listened to it a few times.
Second Chances – Imagine Dragons. I think this one is also in my current playlist.
Solitaire – Marina and The Diamonds. Ooh, I forgot about this one, it’s great.
Thief – Imagine Dragons. I don’t really remember this one, to be honest.
Warriors – Imagine Dragons. Also a bit harder rock than the rest.
Dream – Imagine Dragons. Oooh, this one is wonderful. Go listen.
Beat of My Own Drum – Bryan Rice. I’m suddenly annoyed by the capitalization in here.
Fire To the Sky – Bryan Rice. Ugh, another one.
Never Let You Down (feat. Lykke Li) – Woodkid. One of my top two songs off the Insurgent soundtrack.
Carry Me Home – Sohn. This is the other one.
Warriors – Imagine Dragons. Oh, that’s why this song kept coming up so often when I had this list on shuffle. It’s in there twice! This explains more than it doesn’t.
Blood Hands – Royal Blood. Insurgent had a good soundtrack. I’ve never seen the movie, nor read the books.
Holes in the Sky – M83 With HAIM. I once tried to describe the album art of M83’s Midnight City and I’m pretty sure everyone in the room thought I was tripping.
Sacrifice – Zella Day. This one is actually still in my playlist I think.

And there we are! Three months down, three more to go, and then I’ll be doing these write-ups once a month.
Unless I decide to do write-ups for 2014, which wouldn’t take too long, since I skipped a few months in there. I’ll think about it.

  1. That may or may not be how I wound up in a twitter fight with the artist at one point. 
  2. It was pretty bad to start with. 
  3. I think I’m overusing this word a bit, but it’s something I complain about a lot. 
  4. Instead, I’m listening to Lisa Lampianelli be offensive to everyone

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