Playlist of the Month: July 2015

Alright, first time actually doing one of these when it’s timely, rather than catching up.
Airplanes And Airwaves – Aftermath
Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone
Cough Syrup – Young the Giant
Dream – Imagine Dragons
Hold My Hand – The Fray
Piss Crowns Are Trebled – Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Running Up That Hill – Track & Field
Sacrifice – Zella Day
Should Have Known Better – Sufjan Stevens
A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay
Smoke And Mirrors – Imagine Dragons
All of You – Hinkstep
The Weight of Living – Logan Mays
England Skies – Shake Shake Go
Lanterns – Howie Day
Like a River – Will Young
All I Want – Kodaline
Everything’s A Ceiling – Death Cab for Cutie
A Heartbreak (Active Child Remix) – Angus & Julia Stone
St Jude – Florence + The Machine
Out of Mind – Magic Man
One Day – Kodaline
Fade – Logan Mays
Paris – Magic Man
Love Like This – Kodaline
The Soul Serene – Villagers
All Comes Down – Kodaline
Work for Me – Pfarmers
Chicagoland – Magic Man
Make Peace – Howie Day
Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie
Soul Meets Body – Death Cab for Cutie
Little Wanderer – Death Cab for Cutie
It All Starts Here – Magic Man
Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved1 – Vitamin String Quartet
Which Witch (Demo)2 – Florence + The Machine
High Hopes – Kodaline
Vetus Memoria – God Is An Astronaut
Make Up Your Mind – Florence + The Machine
no – Gordon’s Tsunami Week
The Game – Priest
Lets Meet In Our Dreams Tonight – The Best Pessimist
Close to Heaven – Breaking Benjamin
Pig Powder3 – God Is An Astronaut
The Fault In Our Stars (MMXIV) – Troye Sivan
Happy Little Pill – Troye Sivan
Fun – Troye Sivan
Slow Life – Of Monsters and Men4
Honey – Magic Man
What Kind Of Man – Florence + The Machine
Wolves Without Teeth5 – Of Monsters and Men
Black Water6 – Of Monsters and Men
Dark – Breaking Benjamin
Finem Solis – God Is An Astronaut
Third Eye – Florence + The Machine
particular7 – Gordon’s Tsunami Week
Dawn – Breaking Benjamin
Catherine – Magic Man
Thousand Eyes8 – Of Monsters and Men
Backyard – Of Monsters and Men
Talk – Kodaline
Texas – Magic Man
Pray – Kodaline
After The Fall – Kodaline
Apollo – Magic Man
Obscura Somnia9 – God Is An Astronaut
Thunderhearts – Cold War Kids
I Don’t Want To Change You – Damien Rice
The Lord is Out of Control (Nils Frahm Remix) – Mogwai
Shadow and a Dancer – The Fray
Same As You – The Fray

There we go folks, July all done. I’ve already started on my August list, don’t even worry.
Big winners this month – Florence + The Machine, Of Monsters and Men, Kodaline, and the genre of post-rock10 in general.
I’m hoping people enjoy some of the music off of these – ideally, someone finds some song that they really love by reading one of these lists, that’s basically my goal here.

  1. I just love the violin part in this, it’s so… sweet, I suppose? I don’t even know what exactly about it I love, it’s just wonderful. 
  2. The line “who’s a heretic now?” made me love this song. 
  3. One of two songs on this album with a name in English, and it’s… this. Post-Rock, man. 
  4. Of Monsters and Men is one of those bands that I discovered because one of my choir friends sang a song by them and I loved it. There’s at least two other bands like that on this list that I can think of – Coldplay and Kodaline. Oh, three: Death Cab for Cutie. 
  5. One of my top two songs off the new album. 
  6. There’s two versions of this song in the list and Shuffle keeps playing them back-to-back, but I don’t really notice and just think the song is, like, ten minutes long. 
  7. There was probably something clever with the order of songs and their one-word names, but iTunes just kinda threw the album in there in whatever order, so I didn’t get the joke. Welp. 
  8. My other ‘top 2’ song off the album. 
  9. My Latin (and my literary knowledge) isn’t quite good enough for me to say for sure that it’s ironic that this song is in my ‘sleep’ mix, but I think it might be. 
  10. I flip back and forth between ‘post-rock’ and ‘post rock’ in how I prefer this spelled, and every time I switch I go into my iTunes library and change every song I’ve got in the genre to my currently-preferred spelling. 

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