Playlist of the Month: May 2016

Since I’m working a desk job at the moment, you’d think I’d have more time to listen to music, but I have even less. There’s a lot of audio involved in that desk job. My headphones are in, but not hooked up to iTunes. Sad day.
5AM – Amber Run
I Need My Girl – The National
Your Hand In Mine – Explosions In The Sky
Team (Lorde Cover) – Matthew Mayfield1
Midnight – Lane 8
Smoke Filled Room (Acoustic) – Mako
Afterlife – XYLØ
SCRAM – Mogwai
Lou Lou – Albin Lee Meldau
Tangle Formations – Explosions In the Sky2
Disintegration Anxiety – Explosions In the Sky
Hallucinations – dvsn
Logic of a Dream – Explosions In the Sky
Sorry – LISS
Land of All – Woodkid
I’ve Fallen For You – Tom Redwood
Break Ground – Blue October
Driver – Blue October
Heart Go Bang – Blue October
Houston Heights – Blue October
Home (Tim Palmer Mix) – Blue October
Jericho – Westerman
Cara Mia Addio – Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory
Landing Cliffs – Explosions In the Sky
Hold Me Down – YOKE LORE
Pripyat – Mogwai
Daydream – Leo Kalyan
Coal Makes Diamonds – Blue October
Heart Go Bang (Night Mix Prod. by The Egg) – Blue October
stard(us)t – johan
Insomnia – IAMX4
Happiness – IAMX5
The Background Noise – IAMX
Bridges – Koresma
Say Hello Melancholia – IAMX
Elodie – Ten Fé6
Hands On You – Tony Pops
Thursday – LostBoyCrow
Atlantique Sud – M837
Used To Be – Beauvois
I Want It – Blue October
Shouldn’t Have Done That – Two Another
The Lucky One – Blue October
Road Blaster – M83

  1. For some reason, this song isn’t on the Amazon version of the album, so I’m linking to it on iTunes instead. Weird. 
  2. I’ve just noticed that some of their songs are filed under “Explosions In The Sky” and some are under “Explosions In the Sky.” Dangit iTunes. 
  3. Still not done laughing at the fact that this group is named “?UGUST” in Amazon’s database. 
  4. Note that this whole album is distinctly NSFW, if you listen to the lyrics. 
  5. I’m linking this one, though, because I find the lyrics hilarious
  6. I’d be more annoyed about how often this one gets stuck in my head, but it helps to drown out the stupid clocktower here, so I’ll take it. 
  7. I wasn’t too much a fan of their new album, but this one was nice and calm compared to the rest. 

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