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“Nottingham,” or, “Wayne Manor is a five-minute walk from your dorm”

I’m in England this week! Because how many other times in life am I going to have the opportunity to say “yeah, I went to England for Fall Break.” (Probably not many, so I’m grabbing the chance when I’ve got it.)
Anyhow, I’m here visiting Chase, because he’s studying abroad in Nottingham.1
I’m actually not doing a whole lot while I’m here – I tend to prefer to just sit around and work on my own projects, or sit around and be lazy as my ‘vacation’ time. I spent yesterday wandering around the campus,2 and today I’m hoping to find a coffee shop or something where I can just sit around and work on my laptop for a few hours.3
Sunday, though, Chase dragged me to a nearby park to take some photos, because he’s even more of a photography nerd than I am. It was pretty cool, though – turns out that the park has a mansion that served as Wayne Manor in the Nolan Batman trilogy.
What’s that? You want pictures? Alright, I can do that.

So, one of the things about the park is that it’s a big deer preserve… in the middle of the city. To get in, you have to go through a gatehouse that, based on the presence of boarded-over arrow slits, I suspect was built quite a while ago.
There’s something really funny about watching a massive deer wander along a path and then delicately duck under the fence.4
Heading up a hill, you come across the gardens of the Manor, which are, as expected, rather picturesque.
The manor itself has been converted into a bit of a museum – they have a few tours you can take, or you can just wander around for free. Quite nice.
I enjoyed the decor – just some casual tons of weapons hanging above your head as you walk in.
And we’ll end with this photo, because it looks really pretty.

  1. Translation: I’m illicitly sleeping on the floor in his dorm, because this way I don’t have to pay for a hotel or anything. 
  2. Don’t worry, mom, I’m not a big fan of their computer science building, so I they’re not high on my list of grad schools to apply to. 
  3. “Work on what?” you ask.
    I respond with a quizzical look, because it’s not like I’ve planned that far ahead, c’mon. 
  4. Man, imagine how confusing the Puberty Talk would be for deer. “Hey, your body is gonna change and all that, and also you’re gonna have ENORMOUS BONES ERUPT OUT OF YOUR SKULL” 

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