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“Trent,” or, “no, you can’t buy a $200 fish-eye lens for a single photo”

This is a quick one, because I find it hard to take photos while shivering1 and I didn’t grab a jacket today. Or on this trip. I only had a carry-on, it’s a bit difficult to pack ten day’s worth of clothes into a carry-on sized bag.
Anyhow, went for a quick jaunt around one of the other parks on the Nottingham campus. Pretty dang photogenic, and less windy than yesterday.2

There’s a nice little waterfall down at one end of the park…
and the only way you can get a good picture of it is by walking out on the water, courtesy of this nice little stonework path.
Trent Building
The key viewpoint to go for in the park is directly across the water from the Trent Building- it’s the best angle you’re going to get on the building, and it’s totally worth the walk.

  1. They come out all blurry, it’s quite annoying – and why I have something like 300 unusable photos from the cave
  2. I mention this only because it means that I’m not ending the day with my hair doing an Einstein impression. 

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