Playlist of the Month: February 2017

There are more links this time! I changed how I’m doing them, it was a whole thing, don’t ask.1
5AM – Amber Run
Your Hand In Mine – Explosions in the Sky
Smoke Filled Room (Acoustic) – Mako
Half Light – BANNERS
Gods in Heat – Tobacco
Killer Queen – FIL BO RIVA2
 22 (OVER S∞∞N) – Bon Iver
Neptune – Sleeping At Last
All We Do – Oh Wonder
Afterthought – CloseTalker
Ghosts – Blueneck
Real – Majik
Technicolour Beat – Oh Wonder
Play Dead – Tom Walker
Lullaby – ö
Stranger – Amber Run
No Answers – Amber Run
A Little While – Yellow Days
Haze – Amber Run
Beretta – Matt Black
Fickle Game – Amber Run
Friends (under the influence) – Majik
I’m At The Bottom of The Ocean – Soleil Soleil
Oh Brother – Saint Raymond3
Hands Held High – Linkin Park4
On Hold – The xx
Perfect – Amber Run
Replica – The xx5
Performance – The xx
Saved – Khalid
Alps – Novo Amor & Ed Tullett6
Brave for You – The xx
Wayfaring Stranger – alextbh
A Violent Noise – The xx
Smile – Imad Royal
Dream – Imagine Dragons
White Lie – Amber Run
Are You Home? – Amber Run7
Machine – Amber Run
 In The Morning (Mura Masa Edit) – NAO8
Wild (feat. Khai) – Kidswaste
Island – Amber Run

  1. The short version is I’m switching to iTunes links, since Amazon Music was fairly hit-or-miss, and I never actually use it myself beyond finding the links for these things. And I’m putting links on everything now, because it’s significantly easier with iTunes than with Amazon. 
  2. At some point I’m going to figure out the actual lyrics to this, because there’s one line that every time I hear it makes me doubt my understanding of the whole song. 
  3. This one is so fun to sing along to 
  4. Chase goes “y’know, they wrote this song about George Bush. Sucks that it’s relevant again.” 
  5. This album is so good, 10/10 would recommend 
  6. I really like this one but it’s hard to listen to while I’m out listening around because the slightest background noise and it’s just utterly inaudible. 
  7. I honestly haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but so far this is one of the strongest contenders for being my favorite song off the album. 
  8. I’m a big fan of this one, as well. 

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