Playlist of the Month: June 2017

I’m posting this a bit later in the day than usual, but I had to get up at 4:30 to drive people to the airport, so I went back to bed when I got home and I’m just now getting up and being functional again.
Smoke Filled Room (Acoustic) – Mako1
Killer Queen – FIL BO RIVA
22 (OVER S∞∞N) – Bon Iver
Real – Majik
Technicolour Beat – Oh Wonder
Haze – Amber Run
Alps – Novo Amor & Ed Tullett
Wastelands – Amber Run2
Go (feat. Ed Droste) – Woodkid
Young – The Chainsmokers
Cruise (Feat. Andrew Jackson) – Kygo
Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone
Ultralife (Acoustic) – Oh Wonder
Battle Symphony – Linkin Park3
Heavy – Oh Wonder
Changed – JP Saxe
Float – Will Morgan
One More Light – Linkin Park4
Dreams – Sunday5
Invisible – Linkin Park
Talking to Myself – Linkin Park
Only You – YOKE LORE6
Hope For Something – Panama
Hold Up, Rewind – Close Talker7
48 Hours – Triangle Park
Seasonal Friends – Close Talker
Heavy (feat. Kiiara) – Linkin Park
Talk – Kodaline8
High On Humans – Oh Wonder9
Parties – Jake Miller
Goodpain – YOKE LORE
slooow down – Mac Ayres
U – Slowes
VPN ft Palmistry – Mr. Mitch10
I’m Just Snacking – Gus Dapperton
All We Need – Fyfe11
Take Five – Patrik Almkvisth12
Relax – Fyfe
Cold Air – Fyfe
Better Man (Feat. Peter Gregson & Iskra String Quartet) – Fyfe13
Rise Up – Imagine Dragons
Rosa – Fyfe
Closing Time – Fyfe14
I Don’t Know Why – Imagine Dragons
Twin Peaks – Flyinglotus
Back to the Start – Jake Miller
Zero Summer – Dirty Nice15
Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons
Make a Move – St. Humain
The Endless Summer – Los Porcos
Animals – Tamu Massif16
Halfway – Jake Miller
The Roman Call – Beshken
Thunder – Imagine Dragons

  1. I sent this as a song recommendation to someone on Instagram the other day and they wound up doing a quick guitar version on their Story, so that was cool. 
  2. Again, probably my favorite song of the year. 
  3. My mom and I sing this one together in the car and it’s a great Family Experience 
  4. Probably my favorite song off the new album, and it’s one of those songs that makes me want to know what happened in the songwriter’s life that inspired the song. 
  5. Apparently this is a cover of a song? I didn’t actually know and my mind was slightly blown 
  6. Hey, remember Yoke Lore? They were in some of my earlier playlists 
  7. The chorus on this is so catchy, you’ve been warned 
  8. It’s back! This song is on my list of songs that makes me think of home – probably because it first showed up in my playlists right as we were moving to the new house. 
  9. There’s some good robo-voice in this, I appreciate it 
  10. I’m going to call this my favorite new addition that I got as a single song and not part of an album, it just sounds good, and the computer nerd in me enjoys the lyrics. 
  11. Best song off the new album, so far; I wound up throwing it in here for the “gloria in excelsis” bit, because I’m a big ol’ music nerd. 
  12. I’m ashamed to admit that this is actually a youtube rip in my iTunes library, I couldn’t find somewhere to legitimately buy this song. 
  13. The new album made me want to bring back the first Fyfe song I’d heard. It’s still great. 
  14. I’m gonna be honest I was kinda disappointed that this wasn’t a cover of the “Closing Time” that you’re thinking of. 
  15. This kinda reminds of Binaerpilot? Weird mental connection to make, I guess, but still. 
  16. Another really catchy chorus song. 

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