Playlist of the Month: September 2019

Built entirely without Shortcuts, because while they made many very impressive strides this year, they still didn’t give me a ‘filter’ action.1
Silhouette – Aquilo
Cologne – Haux
Sober – Edwin Raphael
Coincidental – Betcha
How You’ll Be Remembered – Aron Wright
Cocoon – Tommy Ashby
Connor – SYML
Antidote – Mr Hudson
Before You Knew It Was Me – SYML
Without the Lights – Elliot Moss
99 – Elliot Moss
Bad for You – Billy Raffoul
Spoke Too Soon – Jake Scott
Caves – Haux
Falling Down – Harrison Storm
To the Rhythm – Mattis
Drew Barrymore – Bryce Vine
Angel – H. Kenneth
Fk Collingwood – Hayden Calnin
Up, Up & Away – Chance Peña
Bristol – Imaginary Future
Coyote – Mako
Affection – Amber Run
The Sea – HAEVN
Slept on Me – Mr Hudson2
Hey, Ma – Bon Iver
Soothsayer – Of Monsters and Men
Haunted – Saint Claire
Bigger Things – Imaginary Future
Stuck in Gravity – Of Monsters and Men
Party – Jon Bryant
Made of Bones – James Quick
Places – Portair3
Reach – Robert Shirey Kelly
Without You (feat. H. Kenneth) – Alle Farben
Quicksand Arms – Adam Agin & Watts
Silence Is Broken – Cal Trask
Cadillac – Joel Ansett
Sh’Diah – Bon Iver
Faith – Bon Iver
Salem – Bon Iver
For My Help – Hayden Calnin
Oceans – Noah Mac
Piece Of Your Heart (feat. GOODBOYS) – Meduza
Levee – Bo Baskoro
Why Do You Love Me – Charlotte Lawrence
iMi – Bon Iver
Breathe – Mako
Hairpin Turns – The National
Crying at the Party – Harry Strange
Something About You – Elderbrook & Rudimental
Byegone – Volcano Choir
Cars at Night – By The Coast
Holyfields, – Bon Iver4
Wonder – JacobNeverhill
Same Place (feat. Keelan Mak & Thomas White) – Fossa Beats
Jelmore – Bon Iver
Feeling You – Harrison Storm
Llt – Leo Islo5
Comrade – Volcano Choir
I’m Doing Everything I Can – Imaginary Future
Nowhere – Black Match
Oblivions – The National
Light Years – The National
Nothin’ – Navincii
Meant to Stay Hid – SYML6
5AM – Amber Run
Hold On – Griffin Stoller
Electricity – Danny Bowens
Not Giving It Up – JacobNeverhill
Bad Line – The Hunter Express
How to Help – Harrison Storm
Fuzzy Teeth – Portair
Naeem – Bon Iver
Truths – bobbycrush
Wonder (Stripped) – JacobNeverhill
Do You Remember (feat. Death Cab for Cutie) – Chance the Rapper
Shortcut – Monica Moser
I Found – Amber Run
Barrio – Mahmood7
Heavy St
– Blake Rose
On Our Last Day – Hayden Calnin8
All We Have Is Now – Ross Copperman9
Lines – Scott Quinn
Tonight – Thorin Loeks10
Hideout (feat. Zoe Maxwell) – Blewbird
Hallelujah – Oh Wonder

  1. For the list, though, I’m just using the output of my iTunes automation
  2. Just now realizing that I have no evidence for strongly assuming Mr. Hudson lives in New York City other than the name, and like… that’s not necessarily how names work. 
  3. the musical equivalent to the Dr. Seuss book 
  4. Sometimes I’m a little mad that Bon Ever exists, because the whole “disappear into the woods for a while, then reappear with an album of wonderful, weirdly-titled music” niche is one that definitely used to be one of my life goals. 
  5. I don’t want to admit to how long it took me to figure out what “Llt” stands for. 
  6. I’m slowly building an entire playlist around this song; it’s a good one. Very calming. 
  7. I originally found this one via the music video, which I also recommend, it’s kinda fun. 
  8. I have a strong desire to recommend this to all my music major friends. 
  9. Fun fact, if you use the full title and artist’s name in the iTunes search system, it just… stops working. It’s a great platform with no problems whatsoever. 
  10. My brain keeps replacing this with “Thorin Oakenshield” and I would like to clarify that I’ve never read nor seen Lord of the Rings

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