Playlist of the Month: October 2019

Changing the formatting a little bit this month, as I’m working on an improved version of my playlist archiving script.1
Silhouette by Aquilo on Silhouettes
Cologne by Haux on Something to Remember – EP
Sober by Edwin Raphael on Sober – Single
Coincidental by Betcha on Coincidental – Single
How You’ll Be Remembered by Aron Wright on How You’ll Be Remembered – Single
Connor by SYML on SYML
Antidote by Mr Hudson on ANTIDOTE – Single
Without the Lights by Elliot Moss on Boomerang
Falling Down by Harrison Storm on Falling Down – Single
Drew Barrymore by Bryce Vine on Carnival
Angel by H. Kenneth on Angel – Single
Fk Collingwood by Hayden Calnin on Fk Collingwood – Single2
Bristol by Imaginary Future on Bristol – Single
The Sea by HAEVN on The Sea – Single
Hey, Ma by Bon Iver on Hey, Ma – Single
Haunted by Saint Claire on Haunted – Single3
Party by Jon Bryant on Cult Classic
Places by Portair on Places – Single
Silence Is Broken by Cal Trask on Silence Is Broken – Single
Cadillac by Joel Ansett on Cadillac – Single
Sh’Diah by Bon Iver on i,i
Piece Of Your Heart (feat. GOODBOYS) by Meduza on Piece Of Your Heart (feat. GOODBOYS) – Single
Why Do You Love Me by Charlotte Lawrence on Why Do You Love Me – Single
Crying at the Party by Harry Strange on Crying at the Party – EP
Something About You by Elderbrook & Rudimental on Something About You – Single
Byegone by Volcano Choir on Repave
Cars at Night by By The Coast on Cars at Night – Single
Holyfields, by Bon Iver on i,i
Feeling You by Harrison Storm on Falling Down – EP
Comrade by Volcano Choir on Repave
I’m Doing Everything I Can by Imaginary Future on I’m Doing Everything I Can – Single4
Oblivions by The National on I Am Easy to Find
5AM by Amber Run on 5AM (Deluxe) WEB
Hold On by Griffin Stoller on Hold On – Single
Electricity by Danny Bowens on Electricity – Single
Bad Line by The Hunter Express on Bad Line – Single
Fuzzy Teeth by Portair on Fuzzy Teeth – Single
Truths by bobbycrush on Truths – Single
Shortcut by Monica Moser on Shortcut – Single
Barrio by Mahmood on Barrio – Single5
On Our Last Day by Hayden Calnin on A Life You Would Choose – EP
All We Have Is Now by Ross Copperman on All We Have Is Now – Single
Lines by Scott Quinn on Lines – Single
Tonight by Thorin Loeks on Tonight – Single
Tonight by Thorin Loeks on Tonight – Single6
Hideout (feat. Zoe Maxwell) by Blewbird on Hideout (feat. Zoe Maxwell) – Single
Where the Shadow Ends by BANNERS & Young Bombs on Where the Shadow Ends
Paradox by Jaymes Young on Paradox – Single
Another Little Lie by Nick Wilson on A Face I’ve Never Seen Before – EP
Bikes by FLØRE on Bikes – Single
start over by RVRB on drift – EP
Don’t by Saint Claire on Don’t – Single7
I’ll Get You Home by By The Coast on I’ll Get You Home / World to Ourselves – Single
Ours to Lose by JacobNeverhill on Jacobneverhill
SICK by CXLOE & gnash on SICK – Single
Stay by OTR & WYNNE on Stay – Single
Carry Me Away by John Mayer on Carry Me Away – Single
You. by Lucy Daydream on You. – Single
Antes de Morirme (feat. Rosalía) by C. Tangana on Antes de Morirme (feat. Rosalía) – Single
Killing Me by Ed Prosek on Killing Me – Single
Beyond the View by Chance Peña on Beyond the View – Single
Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga on Born This Way (Special Edition)8
Monster by Mark Diamond on Hummingbird Two – EP
Cover Your Eyes by Black Match on Cover Your Eyes – Single
Lost by Portair on Lost – Single
Smiling When I Die by Sasha Sloan on Smiling When I Die – Single
sex by EDEN on i think you think too much of me9
Hard Lines, Hard Times by William Wild on Hard Lines, Hard Times – Single10
Worship by Amber Run on Philophobia
Tourner dans le vide (Slowed) by Unge Moped & Tuber on Tourner dans le vide : Man slowed down – Single11

  1. Technically, I have an improved version of it; now I’m tinkering with giving it the ability to do the links for me, too. 
  2. Been having fun with this one in the scripting – string manipulation in AppleScript isn’t my favorite, and I wound up switching to Swift. 
  3. I wish I could say this was in here because Halloween, but no, I kinda forgot that Halloween was a thing until the day of. 
  4. Singles like this are the downside to including the album title in here as well, but I kinda like having more data points to narrow down which specific version of a song I’m talking about. 
  5. This goes in with Billie Eilish on the “if you get a HomePod, play this on it” list. 
  6. So, this is on here twice, and missing a link in both cases, because there’s a Story about this. Loeks pulled the song from… everywhere, really, shortly after I published my playlist last month. I spent some time trying to figure out if it was a bug, found out it was gone from all the services, found his website, and sent him an email asking about it. He’s reworking it, and going to rerelease a new version at some point in the future, but was kind enough to send me a copy of the original version. That’s the second one here; I left the first, even though it’s not playable, as… part of the historical record, I suppose.
    Anyways, it’s a good song, I’m looking forward to hearing (and sharing) the new version, and in the meantime, go check out the guy’s other music. 
  7. Fun to sing along to! I have yet to get the lyrics right, but maybe eventually! 
  8. This one… is sort of a Halloween one, actually. 
  9. Listening to EDEN reminded me of how much I miss Majik. 
  10. This month’s winner for ‘favorite new addition,’ I think. 
  11. Surprisingly hard to track down – if you try to Shazam the bit of this that made it into the meme (and yes, I’ll admit it, that’s how I first heard it) you get a rap song that sampled it in the intro before making a joke about the meme. Shazam, you have failed me. 

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