Playlist of the Month: November 2019

Good news: finished all my Christmas shopping! Bad news: now I have to wrap a bunch of things.
Silhouette by Aquilo on Silhouettes
Cologne by Haux on Something to Remember – EP
Sober by Edwin Raphael on Sober – Single
Coincidental by Betcha on Coincidental – Single
How You’ll Be Remembered by Aron Wright on How You’ll Be Remembered – Single
Connor by SYML on SYML
Antidote by Mr Hudson on ANTIDOTE – Single
Falling Down by Harrison Storm on Falling Down – Single
Angel by H. Kenneth on Angel – Single
F**k Collingwood by Hayden Calnin on F**k Collingwood – Single
Bristol by Imaginary Future on Bristol – Single
Hey, Ma by Bon Iver on Hey, Ma – Single
Haunted by Saint Claire on Haunted – Single
Places by Portair on Places – Single
Silence Is Broken by Cal Trask on Silence Is Broken – Single
Cadillac by Joel Ansett on Cadillac – Single
Crying at the Party by Harry Strange on Crying at the Party – EP
Something About You by Elderbrook & Rudimental on Something About You – Single
Cars at Night by By The Coast on Cars at Night – Single
Oblivions by The National on I Am Easy to Find
Electricity by Danny Bowens on Electricity – Single
Fuzzy Teeth by Portair on Fuzzy Teeth – Single
Truths by bobbycrush on Truths – Single
Barrio by Mahmood on Barrio – Single
On Our Last Day by Hayden Calnin on A Life You Would Choose – EP
All We Have Is Now by Ross Copperman on All We Have Is Now – Single
Tonight – Thorin Loeks on Tonight – Single1
Another Little Lie by Nick Wilson on A Face I’ve Never Seen Before – EP
Bikes by FLØRE on Bikes – Single
start over by RVRB on drift – EP
I’ll Get You Home by By The Coast on I’ll Get You Home / World to Ourselves – Single
Carry Me Away by John Mayer on Carry Me Away – Single
Beyond the View by Chance Peña on Beyond the View – Single
Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga on Born This Way (Special Edition)
Cover Your Eyes by Black Match on Cover Your Eyes – Single
Lost by Portair on Lost – Single
Smiling When I Die by Sasha Sloan on Smiling When I Die – Single
sex by EDEN on i think you think too much of me
Hard Lines, Hard Times by William Wild on Hard Lines, Hard Times – Single
Worship by Amber Run on Philophobia
Tourner dans le vide (Slowed) by Unge Moped & Tuber on Tourner dans le vide : Man slowed down – Single
Chiasso – Random on Chiasso – Single
Hold Me Down – James Gillespie on Hold Me Down – Single
Without Fear – Dermot Kennedy on Without Fear
Giving in to You – Freddie Future on Freddie Future
We Never Die (Acoustic) – Juke Ross on We Never Die (Acoustic) – Single
Fade into Myself – Mattis on Fade into Myself – Single
Ride It – Regard on Ride It – Single
Hollow Coves – Firewoodisland on Hollow Coves – Single2
Slipping Off the Edge – Joel Adams on Slipping Off the Edge – Single
Hold Me Down – YOKE LORE on NOON // 1873
Perfect Sphere (Bubble) – The Early November on Lilac
On the Other Side – Blanco White on On the Other Side – Single
Edge of the Ocean – By The Coast on You4
Bad Dream – Vancouver Sleep Clinic on Bad Dream – Single5
Diamond Days – Elephante on Diamond Days – Single
Neptune – Sleeping At Last on Atlas: Space 2 – EP
Hanging On – Quinn Lewis on Hanging On – Single
Wanted – OneRepublic on Wanted – Single
909 – EDEN on 909 – Single6
Wasted Time – Juke Ross on Wasted Time – Single
Chasing Cars (Reworked) – Snow Patrol on Reworked
Soldi – Mahmood on Gioventù bruciata
Drive – OTR & Panama on Drive – Single
Do You Ever? – Phil Good on Do You Ever? – Single
untitled – EDEN on untitled – Single
everything i wanted – Billie Eilish on everything i wanted – Single7
More Than Friends – Andrey Azizov & Panama on More Than Friends – Single
You & I – Harrison Storm on You & I – Single
anxiety & mixed emotions – Chance Peña on anxiety & mixed emotions – EP8
Say It Again – AJ Mitchell on Say It Again – Single
It Gets Better – Rex Orange County on Pony
Hate Me – Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD on Hate Me – Single
Symmetry – SYML on Symmetry – Single9
Dolly Zoom – Elliot Moss on Boomerang10
Closedloop – Elliot Moss on Boomerang
Everything Changes – Phillip LaRue on Fall-In – Single
Don’t Take the Money – Harry Strange on Don’t Take the Money – Single11
Roman Holiday – The National on I Am Easy to Find
No Te Debí Besar – C. Tangana, Paloma Mami & Alizzz on No Te Debí Besar – Single
On Melancholy Hill – Riley Pearce on On Melancholy Hill – Single12
Push My Luck – The Chainsmokers on Push My Luck – Single
20 Something – Alexander 23 on I’m Sorry I Love You
Hope – Balcony on Hope – Single
No One Knows Us (feat. Carly Paige) [Acoustic] – BANNERS on No One Knows Us (Acoustic) [feat. Carly Paige] – Single

  1. Still not available on any streaming service, as far as I’m aware, so no link for you. 
  2. I can’t figure out who they remind me of, but it’s someone I like, so whatever. 
  3. This throwback brought to you by an earlier song on this list being called “Hold Me Down” 
  4. This link is different than the rest, because the search engine backing the iTunes Search API is still broken as hell
  5. Vancouver Sleep Clinic has been showing up in my “if you like this artist, you might also like…” things for… oh, probably a year now. Finally decided to listen; they were right. 
  6. Lots of throwback vibes in this one – Sleeping At Last, EDEN, some OneRepublic… 
  7. How is Billie Eilish knocking it out of the park with everything she does?
    That said, like a lot of her music, if you listen to this you’ll wind up going “is… is she okay?” 
  8. This man is really doing a good job of capturing the Gen Z spirit. 
  9. Found this one after Chase introduced me to MusicHarbor; it’s pretty neat! 
  10. This album is excellent, although I think it helped my opinion of it that I accidentally spread out my listening across several months. 
  11. I think this is my favorite addition this month. 
  12. Well-titled, it really is a melancholy song. 

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