Playlist of the Month: November 2020

Now that Big Sur is out and I can do a full-SwiftUI app on macOS, I’m back to being very tempted to make a little utility app to simplify the process of writing up these playlists.

Cologne – Haux on Something to Remember – EP

Angel – H. Kenneth on Angel – Single

Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – The Blaze on Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – Single

Slowly – ODIE on Slowly – Single

How It Was – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

Call Him – Noah Cunane on Call Him – Single

The Dark – SYML on The Dark – Single

Dionne (feat. Justin Vernon) – The Japanese House on Chewing Cotton Wool – EP

Bo Exotic – Turbo on Bo Exotic – Single

Roses (Imanbek Remix) – SAINt JHN on Roses (Imanbek Remix) – Single

Upside Down – JVKE on Upside Down – Single

STUD – Troye Sivan on In A Dream – EP

Fear of the Water – SYML on Work – EP

Come On – Will Young on Echoes

Hummingbird – Run River North on Hummingbird – Single

Last Train – The Midnight on Monsters

Famous – Octavian, Gunna & SAINt JHN on Famous – Single

MONCLER – Lazza, Pyrex & Guè Pequeno on J

miss america – Isaac Dunbar on miss america – Single

epiphany – Taylor Swift on folklore (deluxe version)

Empty – Yoste on try to be okay – EP

Chihiro – Yoste on try to be okay – EP

Be Kind (Stripped) – Marshmello & Halsey on Be Kind (Stripped) – Single

You Can’t Fix Me – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

We’ll Be Alright – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

Run Run – Haux & Samuraii on Run Run – Single

Blue – Yoste on try to be okay – EP

Piano In The Sky – Winona Oak on SHE – EP

Reactor – Woodkid on S16

So Handsome Hello – Woodkid on S16

Sumarið sem aldrei kom – Jónsi on Shiver1

Drawn to You – Woodkid on S16

The Way I Used to Love You – Blue October on This is What I Live For

Cannibal (with Elizabeth Fraser) – Jónsi on Shiver

Hold – Jónsi on Shiver

The Weatherman – Blue October on This is What I Live For

Salt Licorice (with Robyn) – Jónsi on Shiver

Saturn (feat. Tim Fain) – Sleeping At Last on Saturn – Single (feat. Tim Fain) – Single2

Only Lost is Found – Blue October on This is What I Live For

DON’T TELL THE BOYS – Petey on Checkin’ Up on Buds – EP3

Exhale – Jónsi on Shiver

Fever in the Night – Haux & Samuraii on Fever in the Night – Single

Ride wit Me (feat. City Spud) – Nelly on Country Grammar

Moving on (So Long) – Blue October on This is What I Live For

Spaces – Jaymes Young on Spaces – Single

Microwave Dinner – Petey on Checkin’ Up on Buds – EP4

MMXX – IX (feat. Mikky Ekko) – Diplo on MMXX

Your Love (Deja Vu) [Stripped Back] – Glass Animals on Dreamland (+ Bonus Levels)

Shiver – Jónsi on Shiver

Remède – Visceral on Remède – Single5

No One – Peter Thomas & gnash on No One – Single

Brainstorm – Alexander 23 on Brainstorm – Single6

Therefore I Am – Billie Eilish on Therefore I Am – Single

Ocelot – Mako on Ocelot – Single


Almost Heaven – Isak Danielson on Almost Heaven – Single7

18 – Turbo on 18 – Single

No Other Way – SHAED on No Other Way – Single

Demasiadas Mujeres – C. Tangana on Demasiadas Mujeres – Single

Bien Duro – C. Tangana on Bien Duro – Single

Get My Fix – Adam Oh on Get My Fix – Single8

She’s Not You – Addict. & ZC3 on She’s Not You – Single

Still for You – Haux & Samuraii on Fever in the Night – EP9

Handle – Yoe Mase & Echos on An Unfiltered Stream of Consciousness

MoneyOnMyMind – UPSAHL & Absofacto on Young Life Crisis – EP

love, or the lack thereof – Isaac Dunbar on love, or the lack thereof – Single

Typical – Kidhimself & Canova on Typical – Single

What I Won’t Do – Kilder & Jamal Bucanon on What I Won’t Do – Single

Friends (Under the Influence) – Majik on Paralysed / Friends (Under the Influence) – Single

  1. At some point I might have to look up a translation of the lyrics here. I’m a little curious.
  2. May or may not occasionally just crank the volume and sing along to this at the top of my voice.
  3. Far and away my favorite new song this month. I have no idea why, but this one hits me right in the heartstrings.
  4. This whole album has big “closeted in the Midwest” energy. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
  5. Listen, sometimes you just need some rap that you absolutely can’t understand, okay?
  6. Some of the same sounds as “Bury A Friend,” which unfortunately is less effective here, because, y’know, Billie Eilish is already Billie Eilish, and not pioneering this whole new sound this time around.
  7. A lot of “musical theater” vibes to this one – it’s the key changes.
  8. Somehow I stumbled across a Tiktok where Oh teased this song, and I liked it enough from that that I just threw a reminder in Things, “in two weeks remind me to see if this song is out.” It was!
  9. There’s a sound in here, I think somewhere around 1:20, that reminded me so intensely of Majik that I wound up adding Friends to the list. Man, I miss Majik.

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