Playlist of the Month: January 2021

Hey, so, it’s been a wild month. That’s all I’ve got.

Cologne – Haux on Something to Remember – EP1

Angel – H. Kenneth on Angel – Single

Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – The Blaze on Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – Single

Slowly – ODIE on Slowly – Single

How It Was – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

Call Him – Noah Cunane on Call Him – Single

The Dark – SYML on The Dark – Single

Come On – Will Young on Echoes

epiphany – Taylor Swift on folklore (deluxe version)

We’ll Be Alright – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

DON’T TELL THE BOYS – Petey on Checkin’ Up on Buds – EP

Spaces – Jaymes Young on Spaces – Single

Remède – Visceral on Remède – Single


Almost Heaven – Isak Danielson on Almost Heaven – Single

Demasiadas Mujeres – C. Tangana on Demasiadas Mujeres – Single

Get My Fix – Adam Oh on Get My Fix – Single

Apple Juice – Dan D’Lion & Feder on Apple Juice – Single

Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry on Desireless

Where the Poison Is – FINNEAS on Where the Poison Is – Single

Anticipation – Steve Benjamins on Anticipation – Single

New Air – Richard Walters on New Air – Single

Young & Sad – Tom Boy on Young & Sad – Single

The Middle of July – Imaginary Future on The Middle of July – Single

Guillotine – Mansionair & NoMBe on Guillotine – Single3

With You – Harrison Storm on Be Slow – EP

evermore (feat. Bon Iver) – Taylor Swift on evermore

We All Fall In Love Sometimes – Coldplay on Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin

1+1 2+2 – Teflon Sega on 1+1 2+2 – Single

Nuke the Moon – Epic Mountain on Nuke the Moon – Single4

Under the Bleachers – TEME on Under the Bleachers – Single

Roller Coaster – Mako on Fable

Falling Fire – Forester on A Range of Light5

TRUE – SYML on TRUE – Single

I Know I’ll Find It – APRE on Always In My Head

One Last, Last Time – Armen Paul on One Last, Last Time – Single

A Better Time – Andrey Azizov & Tailor on Before It’s All Over – EP

Crash Into Me – Petey on Crash Into Me – Single

Lost – bülow on Lost – Single

The Light – Richard Walters on The Light – Single

How Could You Disappear? – AJIMAL on As It Grows Dark / Light

Pays imaginaire – Polo & Pan on Caravelle6

Cold Mine – Fil Bo Riva on Cold Mine – Single

Hear It in Your Voice – Quinn Lewis on Everyone but Me

Parachute (Piano Sessions) – Seafret on Parachute (Piano Sessions) – Single

2021 – Lauv on 2021 – Single

Isometric (feat. TruePilot) – Atlas in Motion on Isometric (feat. TruePilot) – Single

Loverboy – Mattis on Loverboy – Single

Silhouette – Aquilo on Silhouettes

Killer Queen – Fil Bo Riva on If You’re Right, It’s Alright – EP

Lose You Now – Lindsey Stirling & Mako on Lose You Now – Single

Moon River – Au/Ra on Moon River – Single


For Good, Forever – AJIMAL on As It Grows Dark / Light

Animals – AJIMAL on As It Grows Dark / Light

Stranger – Blanks on Stranger – Single

Above All Else, Be Kind – AJIMAL on As It Grows Dark / Light


Teenage Kicks – Kodaline on One Day at a Time (Deluxe)

A Rapture Coming – AJIMAL on As It Grows Dark / Light7

What I Thought You Knew – Teflon Sega on What I Thought You Knew – Single

How True Is Your Love (Acoustic) – Hannah Grace, Joshua Keogh & Amber Run on How True Is Your Love (Acoustic) – Single

Exes – Loote on Exes – Single

SHE – Winona Oak on SHE – EP8

miss u tonight (feat. Edwin Raphael) – it’s matt on miss u tonight (feat. Edwin Raphael) – Single

SIMPLE LIFE – Jake Miller on SIMPLE LIFE – Single

Night Drives – Devan on Night Drives – EP9

THE END – Alesso & Charlotte Lawrence on THE END – Single

None Too Deep – Atlas in Motion & Sofia Caterina on None Too Deep – Single

dramatic – Cat & Calmell on dramatic – Single10

I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner on At Night, Alone.

  1. I love Music’s “Show in Playlist” feature, because combined with my monthly playlist system, it means I can see that Cologne has been in my monthly playlist, uninterrupted, since December 2018. Impressive.
  2. I’m still not a fan of this type of intro, but this one has grown on me a bit.
  3. “Antoinette/Sweet Marie” is such a great line.
  4. I found out that the soundtracks to the wonderful Kurzgesagt videos are available for streaming, and boy is that a delight.
  5. Good for singing along to, if I do say so myself.
  6. “Debussy, but make it dance!” – my friend who sent this to me. Her taste in music is impeccable.
  7. You’re gonna want to crank the volume for this one.
  8. This has the same “might be about her stealing your man, might be wishing she’d steal you” energy as Jolene.
  9. This song really captures the feeling of driving at night, in the best of ways.
  10. Caught myself dancing along to this as I was doing this write-up.

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