Playlist of the Month: February 2021

I’ve had a very eventful month, which combined with this being the shortest month, has made the whole thing feel like a whirlwind.

Cologne – Haux on Something to Remember – EP

Angel – H. Kenneth on Angel – Single

Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – The Blaze on Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – Single

Slowly – ODIE on Slowly – Single

How It Was – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

Call Him – Noah Cunane on Call Him – Single

The Dark – SYML on The Dark – Single

Come On – Will Young on Echoes

We’ll Be Alright – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

DON’T TELL THE BOYS – Petey on Checkin’ Up on Buds – EP

Spaces – Jaymes Young on Spaces – Single


Almost Heaven – Isak Danielson on Almost Heaven – Single

Get My Fix – Adam Oh on Get My Fix – Single

Apple Juice – Dan D’Lion & Feder on Apple Juice – Single

Anticipation – Steve Benjamins on Anticipation – Single

New Air – Richard Walters on New Air – Single

Young & Sad – Tom Boy on Young & Sad – Single

Guillotine – Mansionair & NoMBe on Guillotine – Single

Nuke the Moon – Epic Mountain on Nuke the Moon – Single

Falling Fire – Forester on A Range of Light

TRUE – SYML on TRUE – Single

One Last, Last Time – Armen Paul on One Last, Last Time – Single

Crash Into Me – Petey on Crash Into Me – Single

Lost – bülow on Lost – Single

The Light – Richard Walters on The Light – Single

Cold Mine – Fil Bo Riva on Cold Mine – Single

Parachute (Piano Sessions) – Seafret on Parachute (Piano Sessions) – Single

2021 – Lauv on 2021 – Single

Killer Queen – Fil Bo Riva on If You’re Right, It’s Alright – EP

Moon River – Au/Ra on Moon River – Single

A Rapture Coming – AJIMAL on As It Grows Dark / Light

How True Is Your Love (Acoustic) – Hannah Grace, Joshua Keogh & Amber Run on How True Is Your Love (Acoustic) – Single

SHE – Winona Oak on SHE – EP

miss u tonight (feat. Edwin Raphael) – it’s matt on miss u tonight (feat. Edwin Raphael) – Single

SIMPLE LIFE – Jake Miller on SIMPLE LIFE – Single

Night Drives – Devan on Night Drives – EP

THE END – Alesso & Charlotte Lawrence on THE END – Single

None Too Deep – Atlas in Motion & Sofia Caterina on None Too Deep – Single

dramatic – Cat & Calmell on dramatic – Single

I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner on At Night, Alone.

Winter Rain – Winona Oak on Winter Rain – Single

Lo Vas A Olvidar – Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA on Lo Vas A Olvidar – Single

Cold Sets In – World’s First Cinema on Cold Sets In – Single

Drowning – Armen Paul on Drowning – Single

Time to Sink – Edwin Raphael on Time to Sink – Single

Arcade – Duncan Laurence on Arcade – Single1

pink party – Isaac Dunbar on pink party – Single

In the End (feat. Fleurie) [Mellen Gi Remix] – Tommee Profitt on In the End – Single

Stronger (feat. Kesha) – Sam Feldt on Stronger (feat. Kesha) – Single

Throw Me a Line – HAEVN on Throw Me a Line – Single

5AM – Amber Run on 5AM (Deluxe) WEB

Kill V. Maim – Grimes on Art Angels

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd on Blinding Lights – Single

Barrio – Mahmood on Barrio – Single

Face My Fears – Isak Danielson on Face My Fears – Single

Unconfident – Spencer William on Unconfident – Single

You Don’t Feel Like Home – Jack in Water on You Don’t Feel Like Home – Single

I’m Worried About You – Addict., REWiND & Achex on I’m Worried About You – Single2


Red Run Cold – World’s First Cinema on Red Run Cold – Single3

Inuyasha – Mahmood on Inuyasha – Single

Breakout – Sloane & Josh Jacobson on Breakout – Single

twentyfive – Yoste on twentyfive – Single

Broken – Star Seed & Meggie York on Broken – Single

I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix) – Mike Posner on At Night, Alone.

Technologic – Daft Punk on Human After All4

Derezzed – Daft Punk on Tron: Legacy (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version)

Alejandro – Lady Gaga on The Fame Monster (Deluxe Edition)

Dandelion – Galantis & JVKE on Dandelion – Single

Mold – Jónsi on Mold – Single

Amends – Odette on Herald

Daisy – Ashnikko on DEMIDEVIL5

Boy on the Moon – GROUNDSTROEM on Boy on the Moon – EP

ilomilo (Live From the Film – Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry) – Billie Eilish on ilomilo (Live From the Film – Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry) – Single6

cheers – blackbear & Wiz Khalifa on cheers – Single

Loves You Like I Couldn’t Do – Duncan Laurence on Small Town Boy7

High Beams (feat. slowthai) – Flume & HWLS on Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)

  1. Genuinely shocked to realize this is first appearing in this list; feels like it’s been around for longer than that. I absolutely love this song, for the record. Also, its wikipedia page is great – there’s a whole section of music theory nerdery.
  2. Angel has been in my lists since July of 2019, and I’m Worried About You feels like a strong contender to take its place.
  3. This is one of those songs that feels a little different every time I listen to it. The other day I listened to it with headphones in and the volume up high for the first time, and there was a whole other bass line that I hadn’t noticed before. I love stuff like that.
  4. 28 years. Dang.
  5. Between Amends and Daisy we’re thoroughly over-quota on upsetting album art.
  6. I haven’t watched the documentary yet, but it’s on my list.
  7. In the past few months, Apple got rid of their “search Apple Music” tool and replaced it with “search All The Apple Stores.” Which is, usually, annoying, because the search isn’t paginated and only returns so many results, so occasionally finding a song is very difficult because the song doesn’t make it into the results ahead of a bunch of TV shows or whatever. This time, I had to keep trying different search terms, because I kept getting bodice-rippers from the iBook Store.

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