Playlist of the Month: August 2021

If my spate of “here’s some photos instead of writing something” posts weren’t a hint, I have had a very busy month. Gotta make time for music, though!

Cologne – Haux on Something to Remember – EP

How It Was – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

We’ll Be Alright – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

DON’T TELL THE BOYS – Petey on Checkin’ Up on Buds – EP

Spaces – Jaymes Young on Spaces – Single

Arcade – Duncan Laurence on Arcade – Single

twentyfive – Yoste on twentyfive – Single

Oh Dear, Oh Beaux – beaux on A Love Letter To the Moments Spent Outside

Neon Medusa – The Midnight on Horror Show – EP

Flow – Vide on Flow – Single

Starlite – HOKO on Heathen



Good in Red – The Midnight on Horror Show – EP

Coldplay (feat. Vic Mensa) – Mr Hudson on Coldplay (feat. Vic Mensa) – Single

Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head – TORRES on Thirstier

I Only Go South – Yoste on I Only Go South – Single

Phonky Town – Playaphonk on Phonky Town – Single

b!!!rds – Sir Sly on The Rise & Fall of Loverboy

Los Tontos (Live at NPR’s Tiny Desk) – C. Tangana & Kiko Veneno on El Madrileño (Live at NPR’s Tiny Desk) – Single

All Eyes On Me – Bo Burnham on Inside (The Songs)

Distorted Light Beam – Bastille on Distorted Light Beam – Single

BYE – Jaden on BYE – Single

Politicians – Hayden Calnin on Politicians – Single

old cartoons – FJ Law on TAPE 1

family – FJ Law on TAPE 1

Tangerine – Benicio Bryant on Tangerine – Single

Why Is Everyone Sad? – Yoste on Why Is Everyone Sad? – Single

Vampires – The Midnight & Magik*Magik on Vampires – Single

Don’t You Look At Me That Way – flora cash on Chronically Beautiful – EP

The Comeback Kid – The Midnight & Magik*Magik on The Rearview Mirror – EP

Reckless – Turbo on Cocaine & Fireworks

Anxiety In Real Time – The Maine on XOXO: From Love & Anxiety In Real Time

Ghosts – BANNERS on Teen Wolf Season 5

Shockwave – Marshmello on Shockwave

Tied Up – Jon Bryant on Tied Up – Single

Momma Look – Lani Rose on Momma Look – Single

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Malia J on Smells Like Teen Spirit – Single1

Sunset – The Midnight & Magik*Magik on The Rearview Mirror – EP

superpowerful – slenderbodies & Crooked Colours on are we?

INDUSTRY BABY – Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow on INDUSTRY BABY – Single

I Didn’t Change My Number – Billie Eilish on Happier Than Ever

I Think I Love You – The Partridge Family on The Partridge Family Album2

Falling Down – Harrison Storm on Falling Down – Single

Almost Home (feat. Novo Amor, Mindy Jones & Darlingside) [Reprise Version] – Moby on Almost Home (Reprise Version) [feat. Novo Amor, Mindy Jones & Darlingside] – Single3

Give Me The Future – Bastille on Give Me The Future – Single

Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit on Petit Biscuit – EP

SEAL of DARKNESS (feat. CXXLION) – Playaphonk on SEAL of DARKNESS (feat. CXXLION) – Single

Take My Breath – The Weeknd on Take My Breath – Single

Bedroom Eyes (feat. Studio Killers) – The Knocks on Bedroom Eyes (feat. Studio Killers) – Single

I’m Tired – Amber Run on I’m Tired – Single

Sink – Yoste on Sink – Single4

Better Days – Dermot Kennedy on Better Days – Single

Our Bones Turn To Stone – Aquilo on A Safe Place To Be

Oxytocin – Billie Eilish on Happier Than Ever

Yate – C. Tangana on Yate – Single

NDA – Billie Eilish on Happier Than Ever

Bop – Masked Wolf on Bop – Single

Makes Me Wonder – ItsLee, nowifi & Vide on Makes Me Wonder – Single

What It Means to Be Human – Hayden Calnin on What It Means to Be Human – Single5

Kyoto (Copycat Killer Version) [feat. Rob Moose] – Phoebe Bridgers on Copycat Killer (feat. Rob Moose) – EP

Inner Light – Elderbrook & Bob Moses on Inner Light – Single6

Starlight – Griffin Stoller on Starlight – Single

In This Shirt (Original) – The Irrepressibles on In This Shirt – Single7

@ my worst – blackbear on misery lake – EP

Chronically Beautiful – flora cash on Chronically Beautiful – EP

Higher Power – Coldplay on Music of the Spheres

  1. This was an excellent musical choice for how it was used in Black Widow.
  2. Much like the song, I woke up, sat bolt upright in bed, and started singing this. Incredibly catchy.
  3. Some lovely Novo Amor, but tempered by the other artists, so it doesn’t immediately crush you with The Sadness.
  4. “Don’t you want to see your sister again? Her life’s a wreck, but she was cool back then.” – sent to my sister, thanks to the “share lyrics” thing in Music.
  5. I think Hayden Calnin is the most lyrically interesting artist I’m listening to at the moment. Good stuff!
  6. Probably my single favorite new one this month; I can’t figure out what song it’s making me nostalgic for, but it’s definitely doing it.
  7. Very cinematic in feeling; is there a reverse “what song is in this show?” site so I can look up what shows wind up using this song?

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