Playlist of the Month: May 2019

In theory, a couple days from now we’ll find out that iTunes is being retired; I’m just going to hope that whatever they replace it with still supports smart playlists, because otherwise my entire music workflow is going to collapse.
Silhouette – Aquilo
Coldplay (feat. Vic Mensa) – Mr Hudson
Hide & Seek (Imogen Heap Cover) – Amber Run
Cologne – Haux
Sober – Edwin Raphael
Coincidental – Betcha1
Heavy Lungs – FLØRE
St. George – Mt. Joy
bury a friend – Billie Eilish
How You’ll Be Remembered – Aron Wright
Run – Harrison Storm
when the party’s over – Billie Eilish
Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) – The Weeknd2
Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy
Jumper – Natalie Taylor
A Big World – Joel Adams
The Bird – SYML
SKINNYDIP – Jake Miller
my strange addiction – Billie Eilish
Ooh Love Love – sophiemarie.b
Emotion (feat. Panama) – Hazey Eyes
bad guy – Billie Eilish
Cocoon – Tommy Ashby
Last Thread (feat. Huntar) – EMBRZ
Gentle Punches – Jack in Water
listen before i go – Billie Eilish
Leave a Light On – JacobNeverhill
Me, The Prodigal – Lane Norberg3
WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired by the Film “ROMA”) – Billie Eilish
Eastside – benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid
Loving You – Seafret
High Beams (feat. slowthai) – Flume & HWLS
No Church in the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean & The-Dream) – JAY-Z & Kanye West
Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean Cover) – Midnight Pool Party4
Killer Queen – FIL BO RIVA
Best Behaviour – Mansionair
Everything All at Once – SYML
Will You Think of Me Later? – Edwin Raphael
I Make Sparks – Novo Amor
Easy – Tycho5
You Spin Me Round (feat. Silver Letomi) – Auralnauts6
Carry On (From “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu”) – Kygo & Rita Ora7
Isle of Strawberries – Edwin Raphael
Maze (Acoustic) – Angel Snow
Saving Grace – Nathan Ball
Connor – SYML
Bed – SYML
Antidote – Mr Hudson8
Before You Knew It Was Me – SYML
Find Someone – A R I Z O N A
SOS (feat. Aloe Blacc) – Avicii
Rebota – Guaynaa
Let Me Hold You – Nick Wilson
Forever Young – Ursine Vulpine
Denim Darlin’ – Edwin Raphael
Alejandro – Lady Gaga9
I Of The Storm – Of Monsters and Men10

  1. The problem with having these playlists be in order like this is that I wind up with the ‘vanguard’ of stuff that’s made it through months of the playlist, and I don’t have any new comments to add to them. ↩︎
  2. In my head, the origin story of this song involves the two guys in Daft Punk just being… paralyzed by introverted terror when The Weeknd walked into their studio ↩︎
  3. This is… pretty off-brand for me, gotta admit. But hey, it sounds good. ↩︎
  4. This is one of two blocks of “it’s time for some throwback music!” in this playlist. ↩︎
  5. Tycho is excellent “lazy Saturday morning” music. ↩︎
  6. Link for context ↩︎
  7. I want to see this movie, but I also… keep forgetting that it’s actually in theaters right now. ↩︎
  8. A+ song for singing along to, surprisingly ↩︎
  9. Fun fact: if you just search for “Alejandro” in Apple Music, you’ll get several covers of this song, but not the original. ↩︎
  10. Found out that a friend of mine recently moved to the neighborhood where I live, and immediately got this album stuck in my head – it came out right when we moved out here, and I spent a lot of time listening to it while getting deliberately lost so I could learn the lay of the land. ↩︎

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