Playlist of the Month: June 2019

All of these links point to instead of now, but the tool I use to get them is still at It’s a slow death that iTunes is having.
Silhouette – Aquilo
Coldplay (feat. Vic Mensa) – Mr Hudson
Cologne – Haux
Sober – Edwin Raphael
Coincidental – Betcha
bury a friend – Billie Eilish
How You’ll Be Remembered – Aron Wright
Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy1
A Big World – Joel Adams
The Bird – SYML
Cocoon – Tommy Ashby
Gentle Punches – Jack in Water
listen before i go – Billie Eilish
Leave a Light On – JacobNeverhill
Me, The Prodigal – Lane Norberg
WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired by the Film “ROMA”) – Billie Eilish
High Beams (feat. slowthai) – Flume & HWLS
Killer Queen – FIL BO RIVA
I Make Sparks – Novo Amor
Connor – SYML2
Bed – SYML
Antidote – Mr Hudson
Before You Knew It Was Me – SYML
Find Someone – A R I Z O N A
Rebota – Guaynaa
Let Me Hold You – Nick Wilson
Denim Darlin’ – Edwin Raphael
I Of The Storm – Of Monsters and Men
Where Your Secrets Hide (feat. Katie Garfield) – Klergy
Big Yellow Taxi (feat. Vanessa Carlton) – Counting Crows
Girl – SYML
Without the Lights – Elliot Moss
99 – Elliot Moss3
Snowblind – Saro
You There – Aquilo
BITCH (takes one to know one) – Lennon Stella4
Half a Man – Dean Lewis
Until We Meet the Dust – Jack in Water
I Won’t – Richard Walters
Bad for You – Billy Raffoul
Saturn – Sleeping At Last
Gold – JacobNeverhill
Spoke Too Soon – Jake Scott
Wake Up – The Native Sibling5
Amor Genuino – Ozuna
So Called Love – Melis
I Found – Amber Run
Three Strikes (feat. Jack McManus) – Afrojack6
Caves – Haux
Silence (feat. Khalid) – Marshmello
Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone
Waves – Dean Lewis
Hold Me While You Wait – Lewis Capaldi
Falling Down – Harrison Storm
To the Rhythm – Mattis7
Signs – Leon Else
This Song Reminds Me Of You – Jai Wolf
Do You Mean (feat. Ty Dolla $ign and bülow) – The Chainsmokers
Oceans Away – A R I Z O N A

  1. I heard this playing on the radio the other day and was thoroughly confused, and then confused about why I was confused. I think the moral of the story is that I don’t really understand the concept of radio anymore. ↩︎
  2. This one keeps getting more fun to sing along to. ↩︎
  3. About two weeks after I’d added both of these songs to this list, I was like, “oh, maybe I should try listening to the rest of the album.” So, y’know, look for that next month. ↩︎
  4. Pretty catchy, but I do have to ask: is this actually something people say? ↩︎
  5. This would actually work pretty well in one of those ‘gentle alarm clock’ type apps. ↩︎
  6. This pops up whenever I’m in a nostalgic mood, because I just go to the folder of playlists from a past year, and iTunes sorts by artist first, so this is up a the top. ↩︎
  7. I think this is the catchiest addition this month. ↩︎

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