Playlist of the Month: July 2019

I’ve got a little bit of free time right now, which means I’m spending it desperately trying to stop myself from signing up for a bunch of new things. Like, please remember that you’re starting grad school in September, I promise you won’t have too much time on your hands at that point.
Silhouette – Aquilo
Cologne – Haux1
Sober – Edwin Raphael
Coincidental – Betcha
How You’ll Be Remembered – Aron Wright
Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy
The Bird – SYML
Cocoon – Tommy Ashby
Gentle Punches – Jack in Water
Leave a Light On – JacobNeverhill
Me, The Prodigal – Lane Norberg
Killer Queen – FIL BO RIVA
Connor – SYML
Bed – SYML
Antidote – Mr Hudson2
Before You Knew It Was Me – SYML
Let Me Hold You – Nick Wilson
Without the Lights – Elliot Moss
99 – Elliot Moss3
Snowblind – Saro
You There – Aquilo
BITCH (takes one to know one) – Lennon Stella
Until We Meet the Dust – Jack in Water
I Won’t – Richard Walters
Bad for You – Billy Raffoul
Spoke Too Soon – Jake Scott
Wake Up – The Native Sibling
Caves – Haux
Waves – Dean Lewis
Hold Me While You Wait – Lewis Capaldi
Falling Down – Harrison Storm
To the Rhythm – Mattis
Signs – Leon Else
Pteryla – Novo Amor & Ed Tullett4
New Stories – Steve Benjamins
Loverboy – Mattis5
Rich, White, Straight Men – Kesha6
Must Have Been the Wind – Alec Benjamin
Stay (Don’t Go Away) [feat. Raye] – David Guetta
Drew Barrymore – Bryce Vine
Angel – H. Kenneth7
Something Good (feat. All Tvvins) – EMBRZ
Slow Down – Joel Ansett
Heaven – Avicii8
Enemy – Sandro Cavazza
All Time Low – Jon Bellion
Nostalgic – A R I Z O N A
F**k Collingwood – Hayden Calnin9
Never Really Over – Katy Perry
Up, Up & Away – Chance Peña
Down – Marshmello
Visible – Hayden Calnin
The Chain – Mattis
Bristol – Imaginary Future10
Cuando Me Miras (feat. Enry-K) – C. Tangana
lowercase – Luna Shadows
Someone You Loved – Boyce Avenue
Electric Touch – A R I Z O N A
Coyote – Mako11
Cross My Mind – A R I Z O N A
Affection – Amber Run12
The Sea – HAEVN13
Real – Majik
Smoke Filled Room – Mako
One with the Mountain – Firewoodisland
scared – Jeremy Zucker
O.C.C.D. – Abra Taylor14
Slept on Me – Mr Hudson
Murder (Acoustic) – Mako
Green Light – Lorde
Neon Circus – Amber Run
Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Friends – Marshall
Those Three Words – Portair
Hey, Ma – Bon Iver15
Thinkin Bout You – Emily Afton
Powerline – Phangs
Soothsayer – Of Monsters and Men
Wars – Of Monsters and Men
Sorry – Tyrone Wells
Glass House – LIEZA16
Haunted – Saint Claire17
Bigger Things – Imaginary Future
Decisions – Sidi
Taken By the Sky – Dalli18
Down – Marian Hill

  1. One of my favorite things about iTunes is that it can show me play counts for songs; I think it’s neat to see what my Clear Favorites are. ↩︎
  2. Two songs by Mr. Hudson on this list now, and I only started listening to him because I hit the wrong thing while trying to play Coldplay one day. Gotta love random chance. (Or a good marketing strategy, I suppose.) ↩︎
  3. Found this song by way of Elementary, who usually have pretty good final songs. And speaking of Elementary, it’s ending this season, I believe. I’ll be needing a new Sherlock Holmes show soon… ↩︎
  4. A bit more from my nostalgia break last month. ↩︎
  5. I really enjoy this one; Mattis has a good voice for it. ↩︎
  6. Gotta love Kesha. ↩︎
  7. One of my top two favorite additions this month; not the album art I chose, though, because Elliot Moss had an excellent design. ↩︎
  8. I… do not want to admit to how long it took me to figure out that this was Chris Martin singing. Just a lot of “wow, I didn’t know Avicii sounded so much like the Coldplay guy!” ↩︎
  9. My other favorite addition this month; some serious Bon Iver circa 2016 vibes. ↩︎
  10. If you like Haux, you’ll like this one. ↩︎
  11. Very catchy, also an excellent pick. ↩︎
  12. I’ve been getting more and more excited for this album over the past month, I’m quite looking forward to it. ↩︎
  13. Again, an excellent addition in the Haux vein. ↩︎
  14. Eventually I’m gonna have an entire playlist of songs that I picked because they reminded me of the excellent sound design in the opening to Passengers. ↩︎
  15. Hey, Bon Iver is back! Bon Iver is great. ↩︎
  16. Lyrically, at least, this is sorta… Evanescence-y? ↩︎
  17. Similar song on this list: “How You’ll Be Remembered.” Sadness and piano, definitely my aesthetic. ↩︎
  18. Reminds me of when I used to listen to Noon Pacific. I wonder if they’ve stopped doing the whole “Spotify-only” thing?
    Follow-up, having taken a break to go check: no, they’ve gone deeper into it and won’t even show song names now. Exclusivity: it’ll reduce your audience!

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