Playlist of the Month: August 2019

If you ever want to feel extremely hipster about your taste in music, try to find anything you listen to with the iTunes Search API. “Billie Eilish? Never heard of her!”
Silhouette – Aquilo
Cologne – Haux1
Sober – Edwin Raphael
Coincidental – Betcha
How You’ll Be Remembered – Aron Wright
Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy
Cocoon – Tommy Ashby
Me, The Prodigal – Lane Norberg
Connor – SYML
Bed – SYML
Antidote – Mr Hudson
Before You Knew It Was Me – SYML2
Let Me Hold You – Nick Wilson
Without the Lights – Elliot Moss
99 – Elliot Moss
Snowblind – Saro
You There – Aquilo
I Won’t – Richard Walters3
Bad for You – Billy Raffoul
Spoke Too Soon – Jake Scott
Caves – Haux
Hold Me While You Wait – Lewis Capaldi
Falling Down – Harrison Storm
To the Rhythm – Mattis
Loverboy – Mattis4
Must Have Been the Wind – Alec Benjamin
Drew Barrymore – Bryce Vine
Angel – H. Kenneth
Heaven – Avicii
All Time Low – Jon Bellion
F**k Collingwood – Hayden Calnin
Up, Up & Away – Chance Peña
Visible – Hayden Calnin
The Chain – Mattis
Bristol – Imaginary Future
Coyote – Mako
Affection – Amber Run
The Sea – HAEVN
Real – Majik
Smoke Filled Room – Mako
One with the Mountain – Firewoodisland
O.C.C.D. – Abra Taylor
Slept on Me – Mr Hudson
Murder (Acoustic) – Mako
Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Friends – Marshall
Hey, Ma – Bon Iver5
Soothsayer – Of Monsters and Men
Wars – Of Monsters and Men
Glass House – LIEZA
Haunted – Saint Claire
Bigger Things – Imaginary Future
Decisions – Sidi
Taken By the Sky – Dalli
22 (OVER S∞∞N) – Bon Iver
Mars – Alexander 23
Stuck in Gravity – Of Monsters and Men
Under a Dome – Of Monsters and Men
When Love Was Easy – VACAY
Party – Jon Bryant6
Touch the Sky – OLIPHAUNT
Leader of the Landslide – The Lumineers
Made of Bones – James Quick
Bones – JC Stewart
Show Me – Gavin Haley
Places – Portair7
Reach – Robert Shirey Kelly
Without You (feat. H. Kenneth) – Alle Farben
Quicksand Arms – Adam Agin & Watts
Silence Is Broken – Cal Trask
Cadillac – Joel Ansett8
Sh’Diah – Bon Iver
Faith – Bon Iver
Salem – Bon Iver
For My Help – Hayden Calnin
Oceans – Noah Mac
Piece Of Your Heart (feat. GOODBOYS) – Meduza9
Levee – Bo Baskoro
Why Do You Love Me – Charlotte Lawrence10
iMi – Bon Iver
Breathe – Mako
Hairpin Turns – The National11
Crying at the Party – Harry Strange
Something About You – Elderbrook & Rudimental12
Byegone – Volcano Choir
Laura No Està – Nek
Cars at Night – By The Coast13
Imagine – JV Jumpin’
Holyfields, – Bon Iver
Wonder – JacobNeverhill
Same Place (feat. Keelan Mak & Thomas White) – Fossa Beats
Jelmore – Bon Iver
Feeling You – Harrison Storm
Llt – Leo Islo
Comrade – Volcano Choir14
I’m Doing Everything I Can – Imaginary Future
Nowhere – Black Match
Oblivions – The National
Light Years – The National
Nothin’ – Navincii
Meant to Stay Hid – SYML
5AM – Amber Run15

  1. This song was, in part, the inspiration for my playlist backup automation – I wanted to have a ‘nostalgia’ playlist, sorta built around Cologne, but my “gotta have history” thing wouldn’t really allow it. So: git. 
  2. Similarly to Cologne, I’ve now got a playlist built around Before You Knew It Was Me. It’s good for late at night, when you want to be tired but not fall asleep. 
  3. I like this song, but the album art doesn’t really work for me; it looks like a screengrab from a lyrics video on YouTube. 
  4. Still very fun to sing along to. 
  5. So far, my favorite off the new album, but I haven’t finished listening to the whole thing yet, so we’ll see. 
  6. This album art gives me some serious JVN vibes. 
  7. It’s like the Dr. Seuss book, if Dr. Seuss had been on antidepressants. 
  8. Forewarning: this will probably get stuck in your head at least once. 
  9. The opening bit here, “wait, sorry, what if it went-“ is amazingly catchy. 
  10. I recommend listening to the lyrics, they’re fun. 
  11. So far this is the song off this album that gets stuck in my head most. 
  12. This link is to the YouTube video, which I rather liked; here’s the iTunes link 
  13. Ed Tullet/Novo Amor vibes, obviously I’m a fan. 
  14. In the ‘Haux’ vibe, though a little more electronic. 
  15. Thought about this song halfway through a swim and had to hop out, dry off my hands, and add it to this playlist before I forgot again. 

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