Playlist of the Month: February 2020

Since last time I have rebuilt my system for doing these playlists… four times? Some people hike to unwind…
Cologne – Haux on Something to Remember – EP
Sober – Edwin Raphael on Sober – Single
Coincidental – Betcha on Coincidental – Single
Falling Down – Harrison Storm on Falling Down – Single
Angel – H. Kenneth on Angel – Single
Fuck Collingwood – Hayden Calnin on Fuck Collingwood – Single1
Haunted – Saint Claire on Haunted – Single
Crying at the Party – Harry Strange on Crying at the Party – EP
On Our Last Day – Hayden Calnin on A Life You Would Choose – EP
Hard Lines, Hard Times – William Wild on Hard Lines, Hard Times – Single
Without Fear – Dermot Kennedy on Without Fear
Hollow Coves – Firewoodisland on Hollow Coves – Single
Drive – OTR & Panama on Drive – Single
everything i wanted – Billie Eilish on everything i wanted – Single
Dolly Zoom – Elliot Moss on Boomerang
Don’t Take the Money – Harry Strange on Don’t Take the Money – Single
When I Need a Friend – Coldplay on Everyday Life2
This is Where it Ends – Richard Walters on This is Where it Ends – Single
Back Around – Harry Strange on Back Around – Single
Borders – Nathan Ball on Borders – Single
Silver + Gold – Elliot Moss on A Change in Diet
Eight – Haux & Rosie Carney on Eight – Single
Chanel – Frank Ocean on Chanel – Single
Swing – Sofi Tukker on Swing – Single
Hard Times (Acoustic) – RITUAL & Robinson on Hard Times (Acoustic) – Single
Million Pieces (feat. The Chamber Orchestra of London) – Bastille on Doom Days (This Got Out of Hand Edition)
notice me (feat. BENEE) – ROLE MODEL on oh, how perfect – EP
Lucky Me (feat. Great Good Fine Ok) – The Knocks on Summer Series: 2019 – EP
Take Me Apart – SYML on Take Me Apart – Single
Apollo – Charles Fauna on Yonder
Barricade – Elliot Moss on A Change in Diet
Rossetto – Random on Rossetto – Single
Sober – Harry Strange on Sober – Single
Stay – Alt Bloom on Stay – Single
Hvn – TEME on HVN – Single
Lies (feat. H. Kenneth) – Syence on Lies (feat. H. Kenneth) – Single
Bodyintoshapes – Elliot Moss on A Change in Diet
Blinding Lights – The Weeknd on Blinding Lights – Single3
hungover & i miss u – gnash on hungover & i miss u – Single
Chain – Lolo Zouaï on High Highs to Low Lows (Deluxe)
Top Dom – Avery Anthony on Top Dom – Single
Rapide – Mahmood on Rapide – Single
Rabbit Roads – Elliot Moss on A Change in Diet
Circles – Post Malone on Hollywood’s Bleeding
Wherever You Are – Kodaline on Wherever You Are – Single
Middle of the Night – Elley Duhé on MIDDLE of the NIGHT – Single
Soil’s Daughter – Aisha Badru on Soil’s Daughter – Single
Higher – Byron Langley on Light On – EP
In the Same Place – Elliot Moss on A Change in Diet
Eleven – Khalid on Eleven – Single
Father’s Son – Declan J Donovan on Homesick – EP
Phases (feat. Trove) – Go-Jo on Phases (feat. Trove) – Single
A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay on Ghost Stories
Beautiful & Brutal – Plested on Beautiful & Brutal – Single
Shadow – Kesha on High Road
High Road – Kesha on High Road
Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie – JacobNeverhill on Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie – Single
Magic in the Hamptons (feat. Lil Yachty) – Social House on Magic in the Hamptons (feat. Lil Yachty) – Single4
Alive – Lontalius & singular balance on Alive – Single
Tremors – SOHN on Tremors
Chasing Thunder – Kesha on High Road
Light Up – Isak Danielson on Light Up – Single
Let Me Down – Run River North on Monsters Calling Home, Vol. 2 – EP5
Desire – Zola Courtney on Nothing To Lose – EP
I Gave It All – Aquilo on Painting Pictures of a War – EP6
Out of the Cold – Kevin Quinn on Out of the Cold – Single
Most of Us Are Strangers – Seafret on Most of Us Are Strangers – Single
Kinky (feat. Ke$ha) – Kesha on High Road
The Wheel – SOHN on Tremors
Off by One – Elliot Moss on A Change in Diet
Stay Forever (feat. STRFKR) – Whethan on Stay Forever (feat. STRFKR) – Single
A Part – INTET on A Part – Single
Nil – SOHN on Hue / Nil – Single
Ghost – The Franklin Electric on Ghost – Single
Mutually – Firewoodisland on Mutually – Single
A Change in Diner – Elliot Moss on A Change in Diet
Dust – Oh Wonder on No One Else Can Wear Your Crown (Deluxe)
twenty four seven (feat. John McDonald) – Andy H on twenty four seven (feat. John McDonald) – Single
Better Now (Acoustic) – Oh Wonder on No One Else Can Wear Your Crown (Deluxe)
Is It Love? – JORDY on High Score – Single
The Box – Roddy Ricch on Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial7
Falling (blackbear Remix) – Trevor Daniel & blackbear on Falling (blackbear Remix) – Single
Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – The Blaze on Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – Single8
Slowly – ODIE on Slowly – Single
Heartless – The Weeknd on Heartless – Single
Scusa a a a – Random on Scusa a a a – Single
Ibiza (feat. Romeo Santos) – Ozuna on Aura
Be Somebody – Kings Of Leon on Only By The Night
hertz – EDEN on no future
Lie – Jake Scott on Lie
Decide – Jelani Aryeh on Decide – Single
tides – EDEN on no future
Me – Nick De La Hoyde on A Beautiful Mess
Chameleon – Mako & Elephante on Chameleon – Single
Love Me (feat. Haux) – Smeyeul. & Galvanic on Love Me (feat. Haux) – Single9
Maybe – Jake Scott on Maybe – Single
Better Off Without You – Aquilo on Painting Pictures of a War – EP
Where There Is Love, There’s Hope – Aron Wright on Where There Is Love, There’s Hope – Single
Pyres of Varanasi – Thirty Seconds to Mars on LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS10
Aliens – The Griswolds & Transviolet on All My Friends – EP
The Night We Met – Alle Farben on The Night We Met – Single
ROXANNE – Arizona Zervas on ROXANNE – Single
All My Life – William Wild on Rental House / All My Life – Single
2020 – Great Good Fine Ok on 2020 – Single

  1. So a fun side-effect of my playlists-in-git setup is that I can see when artists take advantage of the “it’s a streaming platform” aspect and change the names of things. Usually it’s little spelling tweaks, like this – from “F**k” to “Fuck”. 
  2. I keep getting just the “holy, holy” chorus line in this stuck in my head, and consistently try to figure out what choir piece it’s from before I realize. 
  3. A lot of my music discovery is piecemeal, so I didn’t know The Weeknd actually had a new album out until, like… three days ago. 
  4. It’s about here in the list where I realize that I can’t remember where the January/February line hit. How can February have been such a long month? It’s the shortest month. 
  5. I can’t tell if this is a cover or a very effective earworm, and I don’t want to google it to find out because it’s more fun this way. 
  6. This is an old album by Aquilo, but I found it while stumbling around in Apple Music, and I’ve been really digging it! 
  7. Credit to Braden for getting me to listen to this, it’s great. 
  8. This and Slowly are my two favorite additions this month. 
  9. God, I love Haux, and this captured the exact same feeling they did when I first listened. Impressive, considering that I’m a continent and a few years away from that. 
  10. This is back because I got a different song from this album stuck in my head, but… I like this one better. 

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