Playlist of the Month: March 2021

This has been the kind of month that managed to go by in the blink of an eye, and also lasted approximately a year and a half.

Cologne – Haux on Something to Remember – EP

Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – The Blaze on Somewhere (feat. Octavian) – Single

Slowly – ODIE on Slowly – Single

How It Was – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

Call Him – Noah Cunane on Call Him – Single

Come On – Will Young on Echoes

We’ll Be Alright – Yoste on A Few Brief Moments – EP

DON’T TELL THE BOYS – Petey on Checkin’ Up on Buds – EP

Spaces – Jaymes Young on Spaces – Single


Get My Fix – Adam Oh on Get My Fix – Single

Anticipation – Steve Benjamins on Anticipation – Single

Nuke the Moon – Epic Mountain on Nuke the Moon – Single

Falling Fire – Forester on A Range of Light

One Last, Last Time – Armen Paul on One Last, Last Time – Single

Crash Into Me – Petey on Crash Into Me – Single

The Light – Richard Walters on The Light – Single

Parachute (Piano Sessions) – Seafret on Parachute (Piano Sessions) – Single

SHE – Winona Oak on SHE – EP

Night Drives – Devan on Pink Noise – EP

Lo Vas A Olvidar – Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA on Lo Vas A Olvidar – Single

Cold Sets In – World’s First Cinema on Cold Sets In – Single

Drowning – Armen Paul on Drowning – Single

Time to Sink – Edwin Raphael on Time to Sink – Single

Arcade – Duncan Laurence on Arcade – Single

I’m Worried About You – Addict., REWiND & Achex on I’m Worried About You – Single

Red Run Cold – World’s First Cinema on Red Run Cold – Single

twentyfive – Yoste on twentyfive – Single

Boy on the Moon – GROUNDSTROEM on Boy on the Moon – EP

cheers – blackbear & Wiz Khalifa on cheers – Single

Loves You Like I Couldn’t Do – Duncan Laurence on Small Town Boy

Echo – Blakey on Echo – Single

You Don’t Look at Me the Same – Great Good Fine Ok & Yoke Lore on You Don’t Look at Me the Same – Single

Ricochet – Griffin Stoller on Ricochet – Single

emily – Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler on brent ii – EP

All Too Well – Jake Scott on All Too Well

At Night – Charles Fauna on At Night – Single

fan behavior – Isaac Dunbar on evil twin

(They Long To Be) Close To You – AJIMAL on (They Long To Be) Close To You – Single2

Lightning – Hayden Calnin on Lightning – Single

100 Miles – Steve Benjamins on 100 Miles – Single

Trust Issues – Spencer William on Trust Issues – Single

Wicked Game – Cal Trask on Wicked Game – Single

4Runner – Rostam on Changephobia

These Kids We Knew – Rostam on Changephobia

Keeping Your Head Up – JacobNeverhill & Nora Bart on Live at Home – EP


Mild Sanity (feat. Juletta) – Edwin Raphael on Staring at Ceilings – EP

Haircut – Petey & Miya Folick on Haircut – Single

Oh Dear, Oh Beaux – beaux on A Love Letter To the Moments Spent Outside3 – X Ambassadors & Jensen McRae on – Single

BOY WITH A BROKEN HEART – Noah Cunane, Lonr & Jutes on BOY WITH A BROKEN HEART – Single

Hate You + Love You (feat. AJ Mitchell) – Cheat Codes on Hate You + Love You (feat. AJ Mitchell) – Single

im a bad friend – Andy H on im a bad friend – Single

Night Like This – daydream Masi on Movie Scenes EP

Flustered Snowflakes – Pilar Victoria on Hi, My Name Is Pily! – EP

Hands On The Devil – Smeyeul. & Galvanic on Hands On The Devil – Single

Dead Girl! – Au/Ra on Dead Girl! – Single

The Worst – Spencer William on The Worst – Single

Feel It Coming – Woodlock on The Future of an End

(Title Redacted – Spoilers!) – Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez on WandaVision: Episode (Redacted) (Original Soundtrack)4

Nobody Loves Me (feat. ELIO) – Winona Oak on Nobody Loves Me (feat. ELIO) – Single

Te Olvidaste – C. Tangana & Omar Apollo on El Madrileño5

If I Didn’t Have You – BANNERS on If I Didn’t Have You – Single

Here We, Here We, Here We Go Forever – Mogwai on As the Love Continues6

Pompeii (Kat Krazy Remix) – Bastille on Remixed

Caves – Haux on All We’ve Known – EP

Calamity Song – The Decemberists on The King Is Dead

Whatever You Like – Anya Marina on Whatever You Like [Digital 45]

Hide & Seek (Imogen Heap Cover) – Amber Run**

I’m God – Clams Casino & Imogen Heap on I’m God – Single7

Lost In the World (feat. Bon Iver) – Kanye West on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I Can’t Lose You – Isak Danielson on Tomorrow Never Came

There for You – Daniel Allan on There for You – Single

RLNDT – Bad Bunny on X 100PRE

Rohypnol (feat. Fixway & Samer) – APRE on 19

Colours – Goth Babe on Smith Rock – Single

Video Games – Black Match on Basement Covers I – Single

Make Up Your Mind – Devan on Pink Noise – EP

Freedom – Jordan Hart on Only Pieces of the Truth

I’m Not Going Back – Kina & Mokita on I’m Not Going Back – Single

Blindside – Nathan Ball on Blindside – Single

Float On – Phil Good on Float On – Single8

Broken Heart Gang – Teflon Sega on Broken Heart Gang – Single

Losing My Religion – Shawn James on The Lake Wenatchee Sessions – EP9

  1. Between this and DON’T TELL THE BOYS I’ve apparently stumbled across subgenre of all-caps… whatever these two are grouped as. They go together, I just can’t think of a name for the group.
  2. Fun fact: every time this plays, I briefly get “come with me… and you’ll be… in a world of pure imagination” stuck in my head.
  3. Top pick this month!
  4. If you’ve seen it, you know what song this is. If you haven’t, don’t click! It’ll be much more fun that way.
  5. This is why RLNDT is back on the list, a bit further down – reminded me of it.
  6. This whole album is very good, but I’ve found that I have to be in the mood for Mogwai.
  7. This little Imogen Heap section brought to you by this video.
  8. This is a really excellent cover because it’s completely different from the original.
  9. Shawn James is just a whole mood sometimes, y’know?

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