In My Dock

I’ve done a post about all the different text editors I have on my laptop1, but today I’m going to talk about the general programs I’ve got. Specifically, which ones are in my Dock.

First, some of the stuff that isn’t technically in the Dock, but rather the bar at the top of the screen.2 Day One is present, followed by f.lux, Dropbox, OneDrive,3 and then the various system utilities.

Now, in the Dock itself. Finder, of course, then Chrome. Because internet addiction.

Then we’ve got Airmail 2, a lovely replacement for, which I wound up switching to after a combination of ‘weird Yosemite bug’ and the WiFi at my work blocking Exchange servers4 rendered it unusable. Airmail has a nice interface and helps keep me organized, and it works nicely with Outlook on iOS, which I’m using as a replacement for the combination of iOS and Google Inbox.

Next on the Dock is Things, a handy little to-do list app. The ‘add a task anywhere’ function is pretty handy, and it syncs nicely to the iOS app. It’s also very expensive, as far as apps go, and I wound up getting it as part of a bundle of software which helped me save a lot.

Following Things is Messages, which I mostly use for sending memes to people. I can’t be productive all the time.

Then there’s Typed, the new addition to the ‘text editors’ list. I’m gonna go ahead and throw in a mention for Mou here, because, while it isn’t on my Dock anymore, I still use it all the time – I tend to switch back and forth between those two all the time. I like Mou’s interface better, but Typed can maintain a framerate above ‘5 fps’ when viewing/editing large documents, so…

Then there’s iTunes, which I’ve also talked about in the past. Then there’s Day One, once again, since sometimes the widget isn’t enough.

Then Desk, another of the text editors from the previous post, which I’m actually writing this in.5

OneNote follows Desk, and I swear, one of these days I’m going to actually type up that backlog of notes I’ve got in my atrocious handwriting. Someday. Soon, I promise.

Then Calendar, which I use way too much. My calendar looks like I’ve got at least one secretary whose only job is to fill in my calendar. It’s… a bit sad, honestly.6

Finishing up, we’ve got System Preferences, because I feel like no Dock is complete without it, and Activity Monitor configured to show CPU usage in the icon, something that I have set up in some form or another on any computer I use.

So, that’s my software setup. I’ve got a lot more stuff installed, but those are the things I use enough to justify having them in my Dock. What’s your setup look like, dear reader?

  1. Which I could actually update now because I’ve got at least one new one since then… 
  2. There’s a specific term for that bar, but I can’t remember what it is and I refuse to spend ten minutes Googling that sort of thing. 
  3. When it hasn’t crashed, so… roughly 30% of the time? 
  4. That is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. Probably more, actually. 
  5. There’s a bug in the Markdown rendering engine at the moment, so I can’t use the built-in ‘post’ functionality, but I still like the interface so much that I’m doing all my blog-post writing in Desk and then copy/paste-ing it into the WordPress installation here. 
  6. It’s also a lot of fun to show people and watch the pity appear. 

This Month's Playlist

I use iTunes a lot.1 Like, a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever had it closed on this computer.

Why? you may ask. Well, I like music. Hopefully you’ve figured that out by now, since I listed a music textbook in the ‘what I’m reading’ thing earlier, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned how many music classes I’m taking somewhere.2 It’s what I use to play music on my laptop, and it’s what I3 use to keep my music library organized.

It’s a respectably-sized music library, at that: 2,100+ songs at the moment, and it’ll probably keep going up.4 So, what’s up with the title of this post?

Well, I make a new playlist every month. For a while, I just had one playlist,5 but I got tired of that after a while. 300 songs in one playlist seemed like a bit much, especially when I’d be listening to it on my phone, spot a song that I didn’t want on there… and then forget before I could do anything about it when I got back to my laptop. This way, it’s always fresh; a song I don’t like will be on my playlist for a month at the most,6 and whenever I get some new music I like, the smaller size of the list means that I’ll be able to hear it much more frequently.7

The other really cool benefit of this system, to me at least, is the fact that I can look back and see what I was listening to at any time. I’m a big fan of the whole ‘quantified self’ thing – my phone tracks my steps and distance walked, and I use an app to keep track of what I eat just because I like looking at the charts – and this is, to Grey-the-vague-audiophile a very cool thing.

Anyhow, readers, since I know there’s at least one of you out there – what’s your system for music? Pandora list? Thousands of playlists for every possible mood? Something I haven’t thought of because I only listed three ideas? I’d like to know, so hit up that comment box.

  1. It’s a much less terrible program if you’re using Mac OS X instead of Windows; I’m convinced that Apple was so intense about having it look like it was on OS X that they actually wrote the entire OS X windowserver system into the program and then run iTunes within that. 
  2. If I haven’t, I’m taking 6 music classes at the moment. That in addition to working for the music department at school. 
  3. As someone with not-actually-OCD-stop-calling-it-that, or “I prefer things to be organized, but I don’t compulsively clean them.” 
  4. The nice thing about the remixes that I’m partial to at the moment is that, thanks to copyright law, they’re generally free to download. 
  5. Titled “Main Music List” because I am super creative you guys 
  6. Just because I’ve changed tactics doesn’t mean I’m any less forgetful. 
  7. Handily increasing the efficiency of the whole “repeating a song until I can no longer listen to it because I hate it so much” thing. Y’know, like Owl City’s Fireflies

Bridge (redux)

Click here for high-resolution image.



Click here for high-resolution image.



I noticed the other day that the sunset was being very pretty! It was a nice break from the ‘being grumpy’ that I was in the middle of, and it turned an all-around grouchy moment into a contemplative one. So I took a picture. Enjoy!



I took this picture a few days ago on a lovely cold day. Fall took its sweet time arriving, and I have been quite tired of the melting heat; having a bit of fog and some colder weather is a nice change.

Oh, and this photo was taken with my iPhone 6, instead of with my fancy camera, because I didn’t feel like running around trying to get my camera at 6 in the morning. Pretty good, no?


Short Sands

Hey, I bet you thought I was done talking about the beach after last time. Nope! This time I have even less to say, since there are some pretty dang beautiful pictures in here, if I do say so myself. The subject matter made it fairly easy.



On Thursday we checked out of our hotel and started heading home. Made a stop along the way, at the ancient cathedral where the kings and queens of Denmark are crowned.2013-08-08 11.51.37



On Wednesday, after visiting Frederiksborg Castle, we headed up to Kronborg Castle, where Hamlet was set.

2013-08-07 14.23.56



Spent the day wandering around a castle-slash-themepark thing. It started as a castle, and stuff got added on. The castle is called… okay actually I’m just not gonna try spelling the name. I’ll get it wrong, guaranteed.

I’m going to cut off the post here- click the read more whatever if you’re willing to load a bunch of pictures n things.